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On this site you'll find over two thousand ships of Shell Tankers built from 1867 to ships that have not even been launched yet! As well as the ships of The Eagle Tanker Company Ltd, built between 1912 and 1959. Now the Oil- and Gas- fleet managed by Shell International Trading and Shipping Comp. London.

Besides that, over nine thousand visitors have registered themselves here, and they added themselves as member of the crew for 29.000 times. No less than 1.500 guestbook messages and 1.200 anecdotes were shared at Helderline. The 5.700 photos and images show the 2.285 ships, which are classified in 79 classes, 17 types of cargo, 308 managing companies, 399 yards and 60 countries. We even have 600 ships of which we know the current location.

I sailed in the sixties on the Abida, Vitrea, Koratia and the Kosicia.

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Completed 1939 as Ceronia for La Corona. 5-2-1940 torpedoed by U41. Voyage Palmas Rotterdam. Repaired Rotterdam. 3-1961 arrived Hong Kong for scrapping.

Chama (1)

Completed 1938 as Chama for La Corona. 1939 to Anglo-Saxon. 25-3-1941 torpedoed and sunk by U97 on voyage Ardrossan New York.


Completed 1939 as Cistula for La Corona. 2-1961 arrived Hong Kong for scrapping.


Completed 1938 as Clausina for La Corona. 1939 to Anglo-Saxon. 1950 back to La Corona and renamed Metula. 22-6-1958 arrived Osaka for scrapping.


Completed 1939 as Clavella for La Corona. 9-1960 arrived Inverkeithing for scrapping.


Completed 1938 as Clea for La Corona. 1939 to Anglo-Saxon. 13-2-1941 torpedoed and sunk by U96. Voyage Curacao Loch Ewe.


Completed 1939 as Corilla for La Corona. 2-2-1942 torpedoed by U751. Repair Halifax. 12-1960 arrived Hong Kong for scrapping.


Completed 1938 as Cymbula for La Corona. 1939 to Anglo-Saxon. 1950 returned to La Corona and renamed Myonia. 22-9-1957 arrived Hong Kong for scrap.

Darina (1)

Completed 1939 as Darina for Anglo-Saxon. 20-5-1942 torpedoed and sunk by fire from U158. Voyage Stanlow to Texas City.


Completed 1938 as Daronia for Anglo-Saxon. 20-8-1944 torpedoed and damaged by U861. Voyage Durban Abadan. 28-4-1958 damaged by air attack at Balik Papan. 1960 scrapped Hong Kong.

Delphinula (2)

Completed 1939 as Delphinula for Anglo-Saxon. 18-5-1943 explosion on board and fire wich burned until 20-6-1943. 13-9-1947 wreck arrived Passajes for scrapping.


Completed 1939 as Desmoulea for Anglo-Saxon. 1941 torpedoed by destroyer near Crete, towed to Suda Bay. 1941 torpedoed by aircraft off Suez. Towed through Suez Canal to Bombay. 11-1942 taken over by M.O.W.T (Anglo-Saxon) as storage ship Empire Thane. 1947 towed back to UK and renamed Desmoulea. 1955 laid-up. 22-3-1961 arrived Hong Kong for scrapping.

Diloma (1)

Completed 1939 as Diloma for Anglo-Saxon. 24-2-1942 torpedoed and damaged by U 156 voyage Liverpool Halifax. Repaired. 1960 as Diloma to Shell Tankers Rotterdam. 1-3-1961 arrived Bruges for scrapping.


Building 1939 by Deutsche Werft at outbreak of war. Taken over by Germany and used as a floating tank barge at Hamburg. Renamed Ossag III. 4-1945 found sunk by bombing.

Dolabella (1)

Completed 1939 as Dolabella for Anglo-Saxon. 10-12-1957 laid-up at Hong Kong and scrapping there in 1958.