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On this site you'll find over two thousand ships of Shell Tankers built between 1867 and 2017. As well as the ships of The Eagle Tanker Company Ltd, built between 1912 and 1959. Now the Oil- and Gas- fleet managed by Shell International Trading and Shipping Comp. London.

Besides that, over nine thousand visitors have registered themselves here, and they added themselves as member of the crew for 29.000 times. No less than 1.500 guestbook messages and 1.200 anecdotes were shared at Helderline. The 5.700 photos and images show the 2.285 ships, which are classified in 79 classes, 17 types of cargo, 308 managing companies, 399 yards and 60 countries. We even have 600 ships of which we know the current location.

I sailed in the sixties on the Abida, Vitrea, Koratia and the Kosicia.

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Completed 1938 as Rosalia for C.S.M. 27-7-1943 hit by two torpedoes from U-615 about 10 miles south of Bullan Bay Curacao. On voyage Lagunillas-Curacao.

Gas Zael

Completed 2001 as Feisty Gas for Asian Shipping. 2006 sold to Int. Gases and renamed Gas Zael. 2008-2009 time-charter for STASCo. 2011 sold to Epic Shipmanagement and renamed Miyake. 2014 renamed Epic Campbell.

Gas Spirit

Completed 2001 as Gas Spirit for Petchem. 2008-2010 time-charter for STASC0. 2011 sold to Epic Shipmanagement and renamed Langkawi. 10-2014 renamed Epic Cameron.

Gas Sincerity

Completed 2000 as Gas Sincerity for Soleil Greece. 2008-2009 time-charter for STASCo. 2010 sold to Epic Shipmanagement and renamed Arran.

Gas Shanghai

Completed 1999 as Bangos for Cargo Marine. 2004 to Matrix Gas and renamed Gas Shanghai. 2008-2009 time-charter for STASCo. 2009 sold to Shenzen China and renamed Ren Long.

Gas Legacy

Completed 1998 as Regulus Gas. 2002 renamed Arago. 2005 to Northern Shipping and renamed Gas Legacy. 2008-2010 time-charter for STASCo. 2018 sold to BTCI Tankers and renamed Sun Gas.

Gas Kalogeros

Completed 2007 as Gas Irina. 2007 renamed Gas Kalogeros. 2008-2010 time-charter for STASCo. 2012 sold to Arcadia Shipping and renamed Gas Aria.

Gas Icon

Completed 1994 as Dorado Gas. 1997 to Fighter Gas and renamed Gas Icon. 2008-2010 time-charter for STASCo. 2017 to Sellan Gas Vietnam.

Gas Crystal

Completed 1990 as Mariotte for Yaoki Shipping. 2000 sold to Hamilton Shipping and renamed Hamilton. 2005 sold to Stealth Gas and renamed Gas Crystal. 2008-2009 time-charter for STASCo. 4-2015 scrapped Alang India.


Completed 1996 as Gas Trust for Epic Singapore. 2005 renamed Cefalu. 2008-2010 time-charter for SIETCO. 2015 sold to Sukses Maritime Indonesia and renamed SC Discovery XL VI.

Front Shanghai

Completed 2006 as Front Shanghai for Frontline. 2008-2009 in time-charter for STASCo. 2011 sold to Gulf Ship Management and renamed Gulf Eyadah. 2014 sold DHT Holdings and renamed DHT Falcon.

BM Mimosa

Completed 2008 as BM Mimosa for Sanko. 2008-2010 time-charter for STASCo. 2012 sold to Mizuho Sangyo Japan and renamed Banda Sea.

Belait Surita

Completed 2001 as Belait Surita for Areen Marine Service. 2008-2010 in charter for Brunei Shell Marketing.

Atlantic Hope

Completed 2008 as Atlantic Hope for Anglo Eastern. 2008-2010 time-charter for STASCo. 2017 sold to Product Shipping and renamed Ayesha. 2019 sold to Eagle Bay Shipping Singapore and renamed Eagle Bay.

Bu Sidra

Completed 2008 as Bu Sidra for Nakilat Qatar Gas Transport. Capacity 82.000 cubic metres of LPG. 2008-2012 operated by STASC0. 4-2012 management by Nakilat Shipping.