Name Tanker Period Details
Joeseph Hardiker DILOMA (1) 1939 to 1945
Alf Middleton SAN VALERIO 1941 to 1945
Alf Middleton KUPHUS 1940 to 1945
Frances Medhurst GOLD SHELL (2) my dad john edward kirby was a gunner who was blown i to the sea when the ship hit a mine.he was rescued by dougie davidson but he never knew dougie got the obe for saving him. dad died on 01.01.2000.
Bob Reeves DRUPA (1) 1941 to 1942 gunner for maritime marine during war
Len Barrett SAN CIPRIANO 1942 to 1943 My uncle l/sgt W.W.J. Beldam was the leading gunner kiled on this ship by German bombing on 10 jan 1943 at the Kola inlet near Murmansk. RIP lest we forget.