New website and domain, same data and functions is the successor of!

Welcome to the new Helderline website. This site allows us to serve you for the next couple of years. All information and possibilities of the old site were migrated to this new websited. At first, Helderline was a website entirely in the Dutch language. Because the majority of our visitors come from all over the world, we switched from to

Have you ever submitted your information to Helderline, for instance in guestbook message, an anekdote or because you were a sailor on board of a Shell Tanker? Chances are we have an account for you and you can access it by requesting a password . When logged in you can login, access your data and share other information.

Would you like to share something for the first time? Please, create an account and share adventures you experienced on board of a tanker, feel free to write a message in our guestbook or let (former) friends and collegues know on which tankers you sailed.

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