Name Job Tanker Period Details
Lampasman1982 edh (ab) ACHATINA (2) 1980 1st trip EDH after spending the best part of a year on my first ship a tramp steamer
Erick Weston chief engineer DRUPA (2) 1987 to 1988 Sullom Voe - Shellhaven via many trips to Brent Spar. last trip at sea.
Erick Weston Second Engineer DRUPA (2) 1987 Buckie - Rotterdam
Erick Weston Fourth Engineer promoted to Second Engineer DRUPA (2) 1986 to 1987 Teesport - Shellhaven
Erick Weston Fourth Engineer LIMA (2) 1986 Penang (floating storage) to Ras al Khaimah
Erick Weston Fourth Engineer GOULDIA (2) 1985 Sakai (Semboku) to Sodegaura
Erick Weston Fourth Engineer GADILA (2) 1984 Negishi to Sodegaura
Erick Weston Fourth Engineer POMELLA (2) 1983 Motor time. Joined Syros in drydock, left Brixham
Erick Weston Fourth Engineer AULICA 1983 Joined Dubai, left Port Louis
Erick Weston Fifth Engineer DRUPA (2) 1982 to 1983 Joined Teesport, left Shellhaven.
Erick Weston Fourth Engineer LEPETA 1982 Joined Bonnaire Jan 82, left Ras Al Khaima May 82
Erick Weston Fifth Engineer LINGA (2) 1981 Joined Mina al Fahal April 81, left Lisbon Aug 81 (drydocking and handover to new owners)
Erick Weston Fifth Engineer LIMA (2) 1980 to 1981 Joined Curacao Sept 80, left Bahrain Jan 81.
Erick Weston Fifth Engineer PALLIUM 1980 Joined New York Feb 80, left Cardiff drydock June 80.
Erick Weston Fifth Engineer LEPETA 1979 Honeymoon trip! joined Lisbon for drydock July 79 (three weeks after wedding), left Las Palmas Nov 79
Erick Weston Fifth Engineer HALIA (1) 1979 Joined Brixham Jan 79, left Ardrossan May 79
Erick Weston engineer cadet ACAVUS (2) 1977 second trip cadet, excellent trip. Joined Puerto Rico July 77, left Wellington Dec 77.
Erick Weston engineer cadet METHANE PROGRESS 1977 1st trip cadet, joined Canvey Island Jan 77, drydocked Falmouth, left Canvey Island June 77. One trip to Barcelona
Joe Assam engineer cadet METHANE PRINCESS (1) 1990 to 1991
Joe Assam 3rd engineer BEKULAN 1996
Joe Assam 4th engineer EBURNA (2) 1994 Worldwide trips
John D A Scallan deck cadet VALVATA 1972 Just three months on her
Thomas HS Laughton apprentice engineer HINEA 1956 Maiden voyage to persian gulf
Peter M. Bailey deck apprentice HYALA 1957 to 1958 12 months onboard. My 4th. ship.
Peter M. Bailey deck apprentice NEVERITA (1) 1956 My first trip. All Chinese crew except the officers.