Name Job Tanker Period Details
Simon Cotterrell 4th engineer ARIANTA (1) 1973
Simon Cotterrell 5th engineer VALVATA 1971 to 1972
Simon Cotterrell 5th engineer HOROMYA 1970 to 1971 My first ship aged 20
Tom Forrest third officer VOLVATELLA 1975 Joined her in Noumea on her last trip to scrap in Tadomotsu Japan.
Tom Forrest deck cadet VERMETUS 1972 Joined Bonny .First time in west africa.
Tom Forrest deck cadet HELISOMA 1971 1st trip at sea, joined in Shellhaven . March.
Gerard Spijkerman waarnemend 3e scheepswerktuigbouwkundige (swtk) FELIPES (3) 1982 laatste schip, bij de NAM offshore gaan werken
Gerard Spijkerman 4de werktuigkundige ACMAEA 1982 Drydock Swansea, Inge weekend aan boord
Gerard Spijkerman 4de werktuigkundige ONDINA (2) 1981 Inge vaart een reis mee.
Gerard Spijkerman 4de werktuigkundige LACONICA 1980
Gerard Spijkerman 5de werktuigkundige LACONICA 1979
Gerard Spijkerman 5de werktuigkundige ZARIA (1) 1978 to 1979
Gerard Spijkerman 5de werktuigkundige DOSINA (3) 1978
Gerard Spijkerman 5de werktuigkundige ACILA (1) 1977
Gerard Spijkerman 5de werktuigkundige DALLIA 1977
Gerard Spijkerman 5de werktuigkundige CINULIA 1976
Gerard Spijkerman 5de werktuigkundige ARCA (2) 1976
Gerard Spijkerman apprentice engineer/assistent engineer ACILA (1) 1975 2nd trip
Gerard Spijkerman leerling engineer/apprentice engineer MACOMA (2) 1974 1st trip
John Lamarre Deck Storekeeper HYALA 1971 to 1972 First Trip with Shell Jongh 5th engineer ELENA 1946 1st trip. 24 jul. 1946 - 7 dec. 1946
J. Wilkens 1st radio officer (sparks) KARA 1958 to 1963
Eric Huw Burt Third Mate AMASTRA (2) 1982
Eric Huw Burt Third Mate AMASTRA (2) 1982 First trip as a Deck Officer with Shell
Desmond Doyle master GOULDIA (2) 1977 Last trip - Desmond enjoyed another 39 years of retirement, passing away 7 Jan 2016, 11 days after losing his beloved wife June. Account administered by Neil Doyle