Name Job Tanker Period Details
Chuck deck boy SAN AMBROSIO 1954
Ron Sloggett Deck Cadet 1972 AULICA 1973 First trip
Wim Nusselder 4e scheepswerktuigbouwkundige (swtk) ACMAEA 1983
Wim Nusselder 5e scheepswerktuigkundige DIADEMA 1980 to 1981 From the Canada lakes. Wet dock at the Aruba shoreline
Wim Nusselder 5e scheepswerktuigkundige CRANIA 1981 to 1983 Rounding the globe by boat
johnreid deck cadet ALINDA 1977 My 1st trip
Henk Reiling 2nd mate ZARIA (1) 1980 to 1981 My last trip as a nautical officer. After this trip I started working ashore.
Henk Reiling 2nd mate DIADEMA 1980 First rip as 2nd mate
Henk Reiling 3rd mate ZAFRA (1) 1979 Pendeling between Auk Alfa rig and Middelsborough
Henk Reiling 3rd mate VLIELAND 1978 Final voyage of the Vlieland, to be scrapped in Honkong
Henk Reiling 3rd mate MACOMA (2) 1977 to 1978 After 3 years the second trip on the Macoma
Henk Reiling Third Mate DAPHNE 1976 First trip as 3rd mate
Henk Reiling 4th mate ONOBA (2) 1975 Specifically as tankcleaning support before drydock in Skaramanga
Henk Reiling 4th mate KERMIA 1975 After 3 mnths transferred to Onoba for tankcleaning purposes in preparation for drydock
Henk Reiling apprentice mate MACOMA (2) 1974 to 1975 Third trip started as apprentice mate, during trip promoted to 4th mate, 4 mnths on board
Henk Reiling apprentice mate PHILIDORA 1974 Second trip as apprentice mate, 6 mnths on board
Henk Reiling apprentice mate KABYLIA 1973 to 1974 First trip as apprentice mate, 6 months on board
Henk Reiling 3rd mate ABIDA 1976 2nd trip as 3rd mate
Henk Reiling 3rd mate FOSSARUS (2) 1977 Third trip as 3rd mate
Les Albrow deck apprentice AULICA 1965 4th ship. Anchored off Santo Domingo 25th April 1965. The Dominican Civil War started the day before. Observed street fighting and shelling of the palace. Observed US Destroyers evacuating the city and 29th US Marines landing on beach.
Les Albrow deck apprentice PLAGIOLA 1964 2nd ship. Tar carrying ship. Between Curucao and US East Coast encountered many hurricanes. Towed to repair berth at Hoboken due to stripped turbine.
Les Albrow deck apprentice ALUCO 1964 My 1st trip after leaving Plymouth navigation school. Was seasick for the first time en route to Stavangar, Norway.
Chris Armstrong junior engineer, 4th engineer AMOKURA 1978 to 1982
Chris Armstrong junior engineer HAMILTON 1974 My 1st trip to sea
Michiel Zoethout sgo (semi geïntegreerd officier) SPECTRUM 1989