Name Job Tanker Period Details
Jack Beaumont master AXINA 1976
Jack Beaumont master ALUCO 1976
Jack Beaumont 2nd mate ALUCO 1960 to 1961
Graham Wright Fourth Engineer LATIA (2) 1979 Paid off Le Verdon when ship handed over to Dutch Shell
Graham Wright Fourth Engineer LABIOSA (2) 1980
Graham Wright Fourth Engineer GASTRANA (2) 1979
Graham Wright Fourth Engineer LYRIA (2) 1978 1st trip 4/E
Graham Wright Fourth Engineer LEPETA 1981 Last trip at sea
Graham Wright Fifth Engineer LEPETA 1977 to 1978
Graham Wright Fifth Engineer MYSIA 1976 to 1977
Graham Wright Fifth Engineer MEDORA 1976
Graham Wright Fifth Engineer ANADARA (2) 1975
Graham Wright Fifth Engineer HINNITES 1974 to 1975 My honeymoon trip
Graham Wright Fifth Engineer HEMISINUS 1974
Graham Wright Fifth Engineer ALINDA 1973 1st trip
Andrew Selway radio officer PALLIUM 1980 to 1981 El Palito, Venezuela to Dakar, Senagal
Andrew Selway radio officer AULICA 1980
Andrew Selway radio officer PALUDINA (3) 1979 to 1981
Andrew Selway Trainee Radio/Electronics Officer LATIA (2) 1978 to 1979 My first ship
Adrian Cottenham engineer cadet ERODONA (2) 1984 2nd trip, visited most of Caribbean, main port Curaçao. Nice little ship for getting in places. Six month stint.
Adrian Cottenham engineer cadet SERENIA 1982 1st trip, North Sea 6 months Brent Spar shuttle tanker to Teesport, Sullom Voe mostly and some others
Keith Bartlett engineer cadet SIAM (2) 1981
Keith Bartlett engineer cadet LIPARUS (2) 1980 1st trip
Nicholas Slater Fifth Engineer GADILA (2) 1981 2nd Trip 5/E - a blessing after surviving 1st trip on the Rapana
Lucas Tetardy -... leerling engineer/apprentice engineer VLIELAND 1976 to 1977 This is my first trip and I am apprentice engineer from Indonesia-Merchant Marine Academy(AIP) ,sign on in Singapore trip to North Australia,Balikpapan,Japan-Malaysia.sign off in Miri-Sarawak-Malaysia.