Name Job Tanker Period Details
Joop van Ruiven 3de stuurman KHASIELLA 1968 to 1969
Joop van Ruiven 2de stuurman MACOMA (2) 1973
Joop van Ruiven 1st stuurman LATIRUS (2) 1979 to 1980
Joop van Ruiven 3 de stuurman ACTEON 1970
PatrickdeJong chief mate SERICATA 1994 Last trip with STBV before starting as cargo expeditor for Shell Nederland in Rotterdam from 9/94-6/97.
PatrickdeJong chief mate SPONSALIS 1993 to 1994
PatrickdeJong chief mate SPECTRUM 1993 Promoted onboard from MO2 to C/O after 6 weeks
PatrickdeJong Maritime Officer 2 SPECTRUM 1993
PatrickdeJong Maritime Officer 2 SERICATA 1992
PatrickdeJong Maritime Officer 2 ZARIA (2) 1990 to 1991
PatrickdeJong maritime officer 3 ZARIA (2) 1990
PatrickdeJong sgo (semi geïntegreerd officier) STELLATA 1988 Joined 3 days after signing off from Sponsalis
PatrickdeJong sgo (semi geïntegreerd officier) SPONSALIS 1988 1st trip as officer, sailed 4 years with Spliethoff's Bevrachtingskantoor in between on Bickersgracht, Singelgracht, Rozengracht, Reguliersgracht and Stadiongracht. Only 3 weeks onboard relieving during 2nd Gulf War
PatrickdeJong Maritime Officer STELLATA 1989
Vanya 2nd radio officer NEAERA 1954 6 months trip as Trainee R/O Joined in Morcambe, Left in La Spezia Italy
Ryan Whitaker deck cadet ISOMERIA (2) 1996
Ryan Whitaker deck cadet EBURNA (2) 1997
Chris Wilkinson deck cadet ACAVUS (2) 1979 This trip included West Africa followed by Canada, memorable
Chris Wilkinson deck cadet OPALIA (2) 1977 to 1978 This trip included New York November 1977
Philip Palethorpe 1st cadet ship (engine) PALLIUM 1973
Chris Wilkinson deck cadet LAMPAS (2) 1977 My 1st trip April till August 1977
Chris Wilkinson deck cadet GEOMITRA (2) 1979
Mike Mahon SG 1seaman VENASSA (2) 1989 My last Shell tanker, finished with the sea.
Mike Mahon Sg 1(A) METHANE PRINCESS (1) 1989
Mike Mahon gp 1 seaman ERODONA (2) 1987