Name Job Tanker Period Details
Chilene1970 Maschinehelper CAPRINUS 1970 to 1971 We joined the TS Caprinus in Singapore in July 13th.,1970
Goedgeluk Bj matroos onder de gage CINULIA 1961 7, de Reis
Goedgeluk Bj lichtmatroos (matroos onder de gage), later matroos KHASIELLA 1958 eerste de Vasum de laaste reis Vritea
Tony Cable radio officer HASTULA (1) 1972 to 1973 Long trip 16 months
Tony Cable radio officer HUMILARIA 1971 Joined pladju Christmas day
Tony Cable radio officer HYRIA 1970 1st trip sole
Tony Cable 2nd radio officer VENASSA (1) 1970 1st trip
Theo Timan leerlingwerktuigkundige (swtk) FICUS (2) 1981 First trip. Best of my life, great crew!
Whingr 3rd officer GENOTA (3) 1979
Whingr Second Officer GOULDIA (2) 1981
Whingr Second Officer EBURNA (2) 1980 Paid off Aukland 15/1/81
Whingr Second Officer LITIOPA (2) 1978
Harry Hulskemper Radio/officier SCHELPWIJK 1970 Docking Sembawang
Madzenan gp engine TENAGA TIGA 1996 Nantero
Lampasman1982 edh (ab) ACHATINA (2) 1980 1st trip EDH after spending the best part of a year on my first ship a tramp steamer
Erick Weston chief engineer DRUPA (2) 1987 to 1988 Sullom Voe - Shellhaven via many trips to Brent Spar. last trip at sea.
Erick Weston Second Engineer FSU BANIO 1988 A few of us managed to get ashore on the fast rescue launch !!
Erick Weston Second Engineer DRUPA (2) 1987 Buckie - Rotterdam
Erick Weston Fourth Engineer promoted to Second Engineer DRUPA (2) 1986 to 1987 Teesport - Shellhaven
Erick Weston Fourth Engineer LIMA (2) 1986 Penang (floating storage) to Ras al Khaimah
Erick Weston Fourth Engineer GOULDIA (2) 1985 Sakai (Semboku) to Sodegaura
Erick Weston Fourth Engineer GADILA (2) 1984 Negishi to Sodegaura
Erick Weston Fourth Engineer POMELLA (2) 1983 Motor time. Joined Syros in drydock, left Brixham
Erick Weston Fourth Engineer AULICA 1983 Joined Dubai, left Port Louis
Erick Weston Fifth Engineer DRUPA (2) 1982 to 1983 Joined Teesport, left Shellhaven.