Name Job Tanker Period Details
Brian Sanders 3rd engineer GOULDIA (2) 1980
Brian Sanders 3rd engineer GOULDIA (2) 1980
David Coldwell apprentice deck officer HAMINELLA 1960 to 1961
David Coldwell apprentice deck officer VITRINA 1960 Ist Trip, February to July
David Coldwell 3rd mate HARPULA 1964 March to July
Steve Furness 5th engineer GASTRANA (2) 1984 First and last trip as a 5th Engineer
Willmott f.w.t. HASTULA (1) 1961 to 1962 When I sail it was The S T S San Fabian
Shaun Overton assistant steward LAMPAS (2) 1981
iangroat engineering apprentice PLATIDIA 1971
Alvin Say 2nd officer HATASIA (2) 2002
Alvin Say 3rd officer HALIA (2) 1999
Alvin Say 3rd officer SPECTRUM 1998 First Trip 3rd Officer. Sailed Capt. Arie Boot and Capt. Devries
Alvin Say deck cadet ISOCARDIA (2) 1996 My 1st Trip, I was one of the first filipino cadets in Shell. Sailed with Capt. Peter Bowden
Alvin Say 2nd officer HADRA (2) 2000 to 2001 First Trip 2nd Officer yr 2000. Sailed with her again when she was bought by Tanker Pacific in 2007, she was named as Pacific Pearl.
Paul Harper galley boy ACAVUS (2) 1973 Last Trip
Stephen Foster deck cadet ETREMA (2) 1980 Last trip before 2nd Mates
Cees Brasser Visitor during lay-up in Vestnes Norway BELLAMYA 1984
Cees Brasser Visitor in Vestnes Norway BATILLUS 1984
Carol Dooley Second Officer MEGARA (3) 1998
Carol Dooley Second Officer ACILA (2) 1999 Operating around West Coast of Africa
Carol Dooley chief officer GALEA 2003
Carol Dooley chief officer NORTHWEST SEAEAGLE 2002 Also sailed as Second Officer/Mate
Carol Dooley 2e stuurman (2nd officer/mate) SOLARIS (1) 1997
Carol Dooley master ABADI 2004
Carol Dooley master GALLINA 2004 to 2005 Last trip at sea was on Gallina