Completed 1960 as "AMORIA" for STUK. 1979 sold to Elin Kamar Panama and renamed Uje. 8-1986 arrived Turkey for scrapping.

Also known as
IMO number
Call sign
Construction number
18.062 ton
Length overall
Year of construction
Year of renaming/broken up
Service for Shell
1959 to 1979
Flag state
Home port



Name Job Period Details
Peter Dunderdale 5th engineer 1960 to 1961
Ian Brown deck apprentice 1960 to 1961
Max Sweetman stoker 1960
Dave Green deck apprentice 1960 to 1961
Keith Brewster steward 1960
Joseph Colin Co... 4th engineer 1960 to 1961
Tony Roberts 5th engineer 1960 to 1961
Dave Hubball pantryboy 1960
Robert Malcolm Curno engineer 1960
David Aitchison... catering boy/galley boy 1962
George Retford apprentice engineer 1962 to 1963
Ronald Morrice fireman/watertender 1962 to 1963
Falconer 1948 Sailor? 1963 Alexander mackay Last trip due to him dying, San lorentz, 1963.. Any info about him, anyone. He was my grandfather
Tensing Ng catering boy/galley boy 1963 to 1964
Robin Keer-keer 2nd mate 1963
Leonard Fox catering boy 1965 to 1966
Robert Porter 5th engineer 1965 to 1966
Peter Anthony Cocker deck apprentice 1966
Len Friend able seaman 1966
Colin Wood 2nd cook and baker 1966
Colin Grayson radio officer 1966
John J Mcdonald able seaman 1966 to 1967
Brian Charles P... 2nd cook and baker 1966
Richard Smith senior 1966
Fred Ravenscroft 2nd cook 1967
Marnoch S. Thomson extra 2nd engineer 1967 motor time
Gordon Campbell... 5th engineer 1968 to 1969
Herbie A. Battye deck apprentice 1968 to 1969
Ray Crabtree deckhand 1968 uncertificated deck hand (first trip)
Michael Battrick 2nd mate 1968 to 1969
James H Gregg catering boy/galley boy 1968 to 1969
Paul William Hill junior ordinary seaman 1968 to 1969
Paul Hill junior ordinary seaman 1969
Tony Sheppard catering boy/galley boy 1969 to 1970
Mike Ewart apprentice engineer 1969 to 1970
Peter Thomas uncertificated 3rd mate 1971
David Rayfield chief officer 1971
Peter Miller 4th engineer 1971
Michael Donnell... able seaman 1971
Christopher Davies 5th engineer 1971 to 1972
Kevin Blackburn 5th engineer 1971
Mike Connell steward 1972 to 1973
Syd Lees 3rd mate 1972
Ian Coulman 2nd officer 1972
Frederick Paul ... 5th engineer 1972 to 1973
Martin Goodrum radio officer 1973 to 1974
John Lewindon 5th engineer 1973
Bill Parker Nav Cadet 1973
Kevin Blackburn 4th engineer 1974 to 1975
Derek Fleetwood 5th engineer 1974 engineer 5th on first trip then 4th
John Ingleby junior engineer 1974 to 1975
Jim Wylie deck cadet 1974 1st trip
Alan Blair 3rd engineer 1974
Pete Rodger deck cadet 1975 to 1976
Robert Yuille 5th engineer 1975
Peter Davidson deck cadet 1975
Iain Gillie Campbell 3rd engineer 1975
Jon Welford deck cadet 1975
Chris Spencer chief officer 1976
Dave Murphy 5th engineer 1976
Michael Marsh 3rd engineer 1976
Beverly Olds wife 1976 Wife of Ron Frend
Ron Frend 5th engineer 1976
William West junior engineer, 4th engineer 1976 to 1979
Peter Gould 3rd engineer 1976
Peter B. Pamment extra 2nd officer 1977
Mark Adams deck cadet 1977 to 1978
John Ross 2 chief officer 1977
Colin Mckay deck cadet 1977
Matthew Jamieson extra 3rd engineer 1977 to 1978
Peter G. Furmston radio officer 1977
Fred Richardson 5th engineer 1977
Nigel Campbell 3rd mate 1977 to 1978
Donald Macready 5th engineer 1977 to 1978
Lucy Knight radio officer 1978
Craig Douglas engineer cadet 1978
Jeffrey Collins engineer cadet 1978 to 1979
James D. Jim Auton chief engineer 1979
John Rose chief mate 1979 Sold anchored off Southend pier
Mike Ryan deck cadet 1979


Date Visitor Anecdote
01/01/2018 - 22:50 Max Sweetman

I am an Aussie was working on the wharfs in Durban Sth Africa trying to work my passage back when a workmate told me there as a tanker at the tanker wharf that was short of crew so I applied for a job on board, the skipper was a bit hesitant but as they were short on crew he signed me on, on the understanding that we would eventually end up in London.
That was great for me and I enjoyed every moment I spent on Amoria.
We went up the coast of Africa, out of Curacao around the West indies.
Out of Cardom Lakes Sth America and finally signed off in London.
I think I was on board 6 to 8 months and loved every minute, enjoyed the company of the crew and was put on the job of 5th engineer with the 2nd engineer.
They called me Aussie on board.
That was definitely a highlight of my life.

01/18/2016 - 22:54 Dave Green

ex Eagle Oil ( " San Salvador " ). Joined " Amoria " Smith's Dock, Middlesbrough for maiden voyage. Left in April 1961 to attend course at Plymouth, following which decided on complete career change ashore. ( I remember Ian Brown on this trip, I believe it was his first ship ).

07/02/2013 - 17:09 Lucy Knight

Worked on the MV Amoria 1978 as radio officer. We were on the UK coast quite a bit and I never sailed on a ship before or after that rolled as much as she did.

02/15/2012 - 18:27 Robert Malcolm Curno

i seam to remember after the launch at smith dock. we wher to go on sea trials. but everything went well so we continued to galveston in texas some wher not amused

08/31/2011 - 17:22 Keith Brewster

joined amoria in smiths dock middlesborough on her maiden voyage in may 1960,Left in december 1960 Best ship I ever sailed on,great crew,however what happened to the shell that was on the bow covering the searchlight?

03/23/2009 - 19:21 Jon Welford

Third ship as Deck Cadet, When there was a generator failure the old Doxford Diesel just kept going!

01/05/2009 - 19:23 Mike Ewart

I joined the Amoria in the summer of 1969 my last trip as an apprentice traded in the far east for the whole trip which included ripping the bottom out whilst under pilot in Da Nang on the Vietnamese coast, made it back to Jurong shipyard in Singapore and had a great drydock whilst they fixed her up.