ARCA (2)


Completed 1959 as "ARCA" for Shell Tankers Rotterdam. 12-6-1978 arrived Hong Kong for scrapping. Painting Frans Romeijnsen.

IMO number
Call sign
Construction number
19.458 ton
Length overall
Year of construction
Year of renaming/broken up
Service for Shell
1959 to 1978
Flag state
Home port



Name Job Period Details
A. Van Der Hooft 5th engineer 1959 to 1960
Karel Kerkdijk pantryboy 1959 to 1960
Bram Gonlag matroos/scheepsgezel 1959 to 1960
M.f. Koens 5th engineer 1959 to 1960
Pieter-johannes... gezagvoerder 1959 to 1962
Jan W. Keesmaat 5th engineer 1960 to 1961
Theo Schaaf deck 1960 to 1961 dekdienst
Arie Twigt radio operator 1960 to 1961
Simon Noot fireman/greaser 1961 to 1962
Herman Kok 2e scheepswerktuigbouwkundige (swtk) 1961
John Appel 5th engineer 1961 to 1962
Chris Lambregts 5th engineer 1961 to 1962
Willem Knoester 2nd cook and baker 1961 to 1962
Albert Van Brakel fireman/greaser 1961 to 1952
Gert Van Driel 2e hofmeester (hobe) 1961 kaptbed;2ehofm
Jacob Huisman 4th engineer 1962 working passenger 4th engineer
Aat Versteeg Ak... 2nd cook and baker 1962 to 1963
Herman Meijer lichtmatroos (matroos onder de gage) 1962
Aat Appie Versteeg 2nd cook and baker 1962 to 1963
C.p. Schoenmakers 2 3e stuurman 1962 to 1963
J.f. Spiering chief engineer 1962 to 1964
Rene Morel 2nd cook and baker 1962
Rene Morel cook/baker 1962 to 1963
Herman Unger 2nd officer 1963
Adri Van Hemert matroos/scheepsgezel 1963
H.m.j. De Haan 4th engineer 1963
Hans Vriethoff lichtmatroos (matroos onder de gage) 1963
Henk W. Vermaas 2e stuurman (2nd officer/mate) 1964
Henk Stamkot lichtmatroos (matroos onder de gage) 1964 to 1965
Joop Kramer volmatroos 1964 to 1965
Jelle De Jong 3e stuurman 1964 to 1965
Dinand Marius V... scheepsgezel algemene werkploeg 1964 to 1965
Rene Morel cook/baker 1964 to 1965
T.h.a.m. Veenhuijs cook 1964 to 1968
Dinand Marius V... matroos/scheepsgezel 1964 to 1965
W. Rolf De Boer stuurmansleerling 1964
Paul Brouwer 4th engineer 1965
Adri Van Leeuwen matroos/kabelgast 1965 to 1966
Mias Krul 3rd officer 1965 to 1966
C.a. Barentsen volmatroos 1965
Jan Janse Kersbergen fireman/greaser 1965 to 1966
Cornelis Kees H... pumpman 1965
Niek Saal 4e stuurman 1965 to 1966
Frits Ozinga 4th engineer 1965
Rinus Parent 5th engineer 1965
Wim De Kwant 4th engineer 1966
Jan Broere radio officer 1966 to 1967
Jan Van Pijkeren 5th engineer 1966
Dirk Plug bediende algemene dienst 1966 to 1967
Menno Van Den Belt 4e stuurman 1966 ( 18-04-1966 -- 31-08-1966 ) / R'dam
Dirk Bakker 2e hofmeester (hobe) 1966
Piet Bergmans chef kok 1966 to 1967
Wiel S. Van Der Ham 2e stuurman (2nd officer/mate) 1966
Sjoerd Van Der Baan stuurmansleerling 1966 to 1967
Henk Kolbrink wachtassistent 1966 to 1967
Gerrit Dekker radio operator 1966
Kiel Buiks 2 matroos/scheepsgezel 1967 to 1968
Cor Van Der Ent 3rd engineer 1967 to 1968
Richard Van Der... radio officer 1967
Eugene Smeijsters lichtmatroos (matroos onder de gage) 1967 to 1968
Sytze Bos apprentice officer 1967
Aad Smit bediende algemene dienst 1967 to 1968
Peter Simonis matroos/scheepsgezel 1967
Aart De Ruijter 1e pompman/bankwerker 1967
Eugene Smeijsters matroos/scheepsgezel 1967 to 1968
Hessel Slot 4e stuurman 1967
Frans Franken 4e stuurman 1967
Paul Nobel fireman/greaser 1968 to 1969
Rob Kort bediende 1968 to 1969
John Donks unknown 1968 to 1969
Marius Wanders deck apprentice 1968 to 1969
Rob Huisman 2nd engineer 1968
Ko Reichwein 3rd engineer 1968 to 1969
Jaap Homminga 3e scheepswerktuigbouwkundige (swtk) 1968
Joost O.i.n Boonstra leerling 1968 to 1969
Willem Huijgen koksmaat 1969 to 1970
Hans Peeters 4th engineer 1969 to 1970
Jaques Van Weijen scheepsvakman 1 1969 to 1970
Jan Bakker matroos/scheepsgezel 1969 to 1970
Wim Loendersloot 5th engineer 1969 to 1970
Arie Kramp bediende algemene dienst 1969
Ger Droomers bediende algemene dienst 1969
Koos Van De Water 5th engineer 1969 to 1970
Aad H.c.j. Born radio officer 1969 to 1970
P. Schilt s.a.w. 1969 to 1970
Joep Herbergs 4e stuurman 1969 to 1970
Ge Jacobs 3e stuurman 1969 to 1970
Wijnand Bredewold matroos/scheepsgezel 1969 to 1970
Ferry Schluter leerlingwerktuigkundige 1969
Cees De Jong 4th engineer 1969
Jaap Tuit matroos/scheepsgezel 1969 to 1970
Hans P.j. De Bruin scheepsgezel algemene werkploeg 1970 to 1971
Cees Van De Vrie 3e stuurman 1970 to 1971
Arie Bravenboer scheepsgezel algemene werkploeg 1970 to 1971
Frank Tullmann cook 1970
Gerrit Jonkman stoker 1970
R. Van Westendorp 1e stuurman 1970
Gert Van Driel hoofd voeding 1970 to 1971
Gerard Sammy Hartman matroos/scheepsgezel 1970 to 1971
Klaas Stobbe 3rd engineer 1970 to 1971
Rob Niezing scheepsvakman 2 1970
Peter Van Agthoven steward 1970 to 1971
Albert Vis 4th engineer 1970
Harry Eken 5th engineer 1970
Peter Van Agthoven steward 1971 to 1974
Aize Stoker matroos/scheepsgezel 1971
Piet Van Der Veur hoofd voeding 1971 to 1972
Piet Puijpe chief officer 1971
Toon Margadant 4e stuurman 1971
Dinand Marius V... scheepsgezel algemene werkploeg 1972
Frits Sant 4th engineer 1972
Jan Korteweg 3rd officer 1972
Don Elsman 3rd engineer 1973
Max Stoltink writer 1973
Daan Dankaart 4th officer 1973
Dirk Knook 4th engineer 1973
Hanno H. Van Dijk 3e stuurman 1973 to 1978
Max Stoltink 4th engineer 1973
Andre De Wilde 4th engineer 1973 to 1974
Peter Van Der Horst 4th engineer 1973
Bart Koppe 2e stuurman (2nd officer/mate) 1974 to 1975
Hans Wiebosch leerlingwerktuigkundige 1974 to 1975
Jos Peeters 5th engineer 1974
Louis Ernst hoofd voeding 1974
Robert J.s.m. T... 3e stuurman 1974
Jan Swiers 4th engineer 1974
C.G. Van Der Zwet 3rd engineer 1974
Henk Schaaper 4th engineer 1974
Henk Geertsema radio operator 1975
Rene Hendriks 1e stuurman 1975 to 1976
R. Paul Le Coultre 3rd mate 1975 to 1976
R.g.m. Kauffeld 3rd engineer 1975
Frans Van Der Lei 2e stuurman (2nd officer/mate) 1975 to 1976
Robert Collette 5e werktuigkundige/4e werktuigkundige 1975
Ronald Boonstra leerlingwerktuigkundige 1975
Robert J.s.m. T... 3e stuurman 1976
Willem De Gee 4th engineer 1976
Hans Selders 5th engineer 1976 to 1977
C.G. Van Der Zwet 2nd engineer 1976
R. Van Westendorp 1e stuurman 1976
Ronald Ruts 2e stuurman (2nd officer/mate) 1976
Derk Kipperman scheepsvakman 2 1976 to 1977
Gerard Spijkerman 5de werktuigkundige 1976
Robert Dorrenboom 5th engineer 1976
Wolf Beekman chief officer 1976
Toine Janssen 4e scheepswerktuigbouwkundige (swtk) 1976 to 1977
Jan Kerkhof 2e stuurman (2nd officer/mate) 1977 to 1978
Willem Hennink 3rd engineer 1977 to 1978
Mias Krul chief officer 1977 to 1978
Lou V Bogaert assistent scheepswerktuigbouwkundige (swtk) 1977 to 1979
R. Van Westendorp 1e stuurman 1977
Nico Pols radio operator 1977 to 1978
Willem Huijgen hoofd voeding 1977
Gerard Van Osselen assistant engineer 1977
Willem Nibbelink 4e stuurman 1977
Mart Kitzen cook 1977 to 1978
Wolf Beekman chief officer 1978
Frits Koek 3e stuurman 1978
Jan Lijkelema leerlingwerktuigkundige 1978


Date Visitor Anecdote
04/29/2016 - 16:52 Frans Willemse

In 1965 is de Shelltankers promotiefilm \\\Voortvarend\\\ gemaakt.
Daar komt naast de Atys ook de Arca, Acila en Onoba in voor.
Te zien op YouTube via de CNOOKS site

07/28/2014 - 01:27 Aad H.c.j. Born

ss ARCA under friendly fire leaving Camranh.

the 19th of November 1969 the Arca sailed from Punta Cardon via Durban (for bunkers) bound for Pulau Bukum.
We arrived just after X-mas 1969.
The New Year we celebrated discharging JP4, anchored in the bay at Da Nang.
The first week of 1970 we spent in Qui Nhom, Nha Trang and Camranh.

Finished discharging at Camranh we sailed for Pulau Bukum.
The master did not bother to much with formalities.
He probably just sailed away in the early morning hours.

Our captain, Piet Sandee (better known as dirty Piet) was a bit like that.

A small patrol vessel went after us, trying to make us stop.
At first by means of the old Aldis lamp, signalling at a speed no one could read.

Captain Piet still did not bother to much and just slammed the engine telegraph full ahead. Thus rapidly increasing the distance between us.
The weather was nice and sunny, the ARCA in ballast had no difficulty with the moderate swell.
With Singapore as the next port of call life could not be better.

Master, mates and sparks had some fun and did not have a clou.
Our adversaries were very determent however.
They fired a few shots across the ARCA's bow, their gunnery suddenly made sense.
The game was over, the battle lost and "dirty Piet" surrendered.

If on board at the time and if you remember any particulars of this incident please do contact me.
Aad Born
then acting as radioofficer

03/06/2012 - 07:33 Kiel Buiks 2

Ik heb twee keer op de arca gevaren als matroos in de jaren zestig was een toffe Tyd Vietnam Singapore Hongkong bangkok. Ik Kyk veel naar de namen maar ik kom niet zo veel bekende tegen wel Arie Smit als ik me niet vergis kwam ie uit hoek van Holland als dat zo is Arie groetjes ik hoop dat alles goed gaat met je wegebben samen wat biertjes versleten ha ha ja ik wil iedereen waar ik mee gevaren heb de groeten doen ik wens iedereen goeden gezondheid en veel geluk in jullie leven ik ben zelf pas gepensioneerd vele groeten kiel buiks loures koster plein 10 /5025 /ec. Tilburg voor de gene die nog varen een behouden vaard. Houdou makkers het ga jullie goed kiel

09/17/2011 - 12:32 Joep Herbergs

I boarded the Arca as 4th mate on 5 November 1969 in Lavera. I very well remember the trips in the Far East, they were great! When we got to Bangkok on 13 January 1970 captain Piet Sandee gave me an order. 'Your first time Bangkok stuurman?'Yes Sir! He told me that as soon we would arrive I would see a lot of boats with 'dirty'women. I was supposed to keep them off the ship, because he did not want them to board. If I would not succeed I would be fired and sent home. Oh well, I remember the second mate grinning, so after breakfast I walked up to the bow, enjoying the scenery and looking out for the small sampans, when sudddenly the captain shouted from the bridge: stuurman!! they will be at the stern when we arrive!So I walked to the stern, waiting for us to moor. When we got there, I saw several sampans or bumboats filled with cheering and shouting women, at least 40 or so. I thought how on earth will I be able to keep them from boarding?? The 2nd mate Hessel Slot told me to forget about it, especially after the doctor and immigration etc had done their business and shouted to the girls that the ship was free to be boarded? Anyway Piet Sandee hid in his cabin to have a few drinks and I was not sacked!

11/29/2009 - 15:04 Aad H.c.j. Born

Da Nang
December 31st 1961.
The Shelltanker " Arca " entered the bay late in the afternoon.
We tied up alongside this odd looking ship (or one of its sister ships).
The "Nashbulk" was in use as storage tanker at the time.
A typical "Ludwig tanker" and thus hard to forget.
Anchored in what looked like the middle of the bay.

I remember Da Nang for a number of reasons.
The large bay as a safe anchorage.
The anchorage was near the flight path into and out of the enormous USAF base.
At the time probably the busiest airport in the entire world.
Every 30 seconds or so, one of those very big bombers passed over our heads.

We tried to celebrate New Years eve and we, the officers, had a big row with the captain. The captain refused to offer a drink and bring out a toast on the New Year at the company's expense. Instead he went to bed. Not in a sober condition i might ad. He was not known for being a thee totaler.

Around midnight we went out on deck and (very much to our surprise)
witnessed a big New Year party ashore.
Or so we thought.
An awful lot of shooting could be seen and heard.
Light of tracer bullets streaming into the dark night, big explosions west and northwest of the air force base lit the sky. A patrol vessel came close by and joined in the shooting.
The fuel transfer into the Ludwig tanker was stopped.
We cheered and toasted at every explosion, some party we thought !
In the morning "the party" was over and fuel transfer resumed.
Someone told us about a VC or NVA attack and very heavy fighting near the USAF base.
I could not help but feeling very stupid and ashamed.
That night the total madness of war was for ever imprinted on me.