Completed 1966 as "DARINA" for STUK. 1968 fitted with fenders and began work as lightening tanker around UK. She discharged her last cargo of Brent crude at Shellhaven in September 1983, then went to Falmouth in October 1983 for tank-cleaning and removal of her fenders and fender davits, then sailed for Kaohsiung for scrapping, where she arrived on 19.12.1983. Models Murex and Darina made by Tony Phipps.

IMO number
Call sign
Construction number
71.917 ton
Length overall
Year of construction
Year of renaming/broken up
Service for Shell
1966 to 1983
Flag state
Home port



Name Job Period Details
David Else 2nd engineer 1966 to 1967
Pieter Koops 2nd officer 1967 to 1968
Dave Pollard sparks radio officer 1968 to 1969
Stewart Mccormick 2nd mate 1968 to 1969
Dennis Clarke catering boy/galley boy 1968
Ronald E Tait Orkney 2nd steward 1968 to 1969
John O'grady engineer cadet 1968 to 1969
Peter B. Pamment 2nd officer 1969
David Nesom chef kok 1969 to 1970
Kieran Campbell radio officer 1969 to 1970
Gerald Wood catering boy/galley boy 1969
Colin Osman 4th engineer 1969
Ian M. Bromley 2nd mate 1970
Jack Beaumont chief officer 1970
Andy Crooke 4th engineer 1970
Terry Jones assistant steward 1970
Bernard Teale 4th engineer 1970
Ken Wells 2nd cook 1970 to 1971
Ronald E Tait Orkney 2nd steward 1970
Mike Muir 1 grade 1 seaman 1970 to 1971
Ronald E Tait Orkney 2nd steward 1970 to 1971
David Atkinson radio officer 1970
Mike Riley 2nd engineer 1971 to 1972
Robert Plumb able seaman (grade 3) 1971
Tony Yun able seaman (grade 2) 1971
David Shepherd assistant steward 1971
John P M Cusson chief officer 1971 to 1973 lightening
Frank Robertson 2nd and chief engineer 1972 to 1976
Derek Jackson 2nd engineer 1972
Eric Mager grade 1 seaman 1972
Thomas Ogle po mechanic 1972
Andy Johnson 2nd cook 1972 to 1985
Alan Robinson 3rd engineer 1972
Noel Anthony Ra... chief mate 1972 to 1973
David Nesom chef kok 1972
Stan Parker chef kok 1973
Jelle De Jong chief officer 1973
Stephen Paine able seaman (grade 1) 1973
Martin E Mowlem able seaman (grade 1) 1973 seaman g1 rating
Mike Mcshane catering boy/galley boy 1973 to 1974
Ronald Thomas grade 1 seaman 1973 to 1974
Christopher Lustig 2nd cook and baker 1973 to 1974
Trevor Ayre gp 3 1974
Bill Holt able seaman and boatswain (bosun/petty officer) 1974 to 1976 ab/po
Chris Spencer 2nd mate 1974
Peter Andrew Chapman 2nd steward 1974 to 1975
Gary Brazier g3/g2 seaman 1974 to 1975
Fred Craig 2nd cook 1974
Arthur Roy 3rd engineer 1974
Geoff Donnelly 2nd mate 1974
Charlie Moreland 5th engineer 1975 to 1976
Rogerpalmer 2nd engineer 1975
Brian Boyle 3rd engineer 1975
Garry Bersey able seaman 1975 to 1978
Mark Hopton gp 3 1975 to 1976 gp boy/g3
Malcolm Freeman catering boy 1976
Roger Skuse radio officer 1976
Raymond Laws 2nd cook 1976
Peter Copeland 3rd mate 1976
Mark Hopton gp boy 1976 to 1977
Martin Murdoch 5th engineer 1976 to 1977
Robin Macleod 3rd mate 1976 to 1977
Steven William Veal extra 4th engineer 1976
Eric Halcrow 5th engineer 1976
John Porter 2nd steward 1977
Garry Marshall assistant steward 1977
Shaun Heffernan 3rd engineer 1977
Michael Hayward catering boy/galley boy 1977 to 1978
Ian Jones Taffy gp 1 seaman 1977 to 1978
Keith D. Rourke 2nd cook and baker 1977 to 1978
Roger David Collins 3rd engineer 1977 to 1978
Shaun James catering boy 1978 to 1980
Mike Big Taff H... gp g1 1978 to 1982 g1 several times late 70s/early 80s
Iain Mccoll chief steward 1978 to 1979
Alan Susans 5th engineer 1978
Gary Black catering boy/galley boy 1978 to 1979
Bill Watts 5th engineer 1978 to 1979
John Kitson catering boy 1978 to 1979
Peter B. Pamment chief officer 1978 to 1979
Mike Gilmour 2 radio officer 1978
Keith Bonney 5th engineer 1979
Paul Price 1289... radio officer 1979
Gary Pattinson gp 1 1979 to 1983
Mick Cardiff 2nd cook 1979 to 1980
Mark Barley ship steward 1979
Michael Keddy able seaman (grade 1) 1979 to 1980
Bill Mcmurray 5th engineer 1979 to 1981
Carl Johns gp boy 1979 to 1980 gp boy/gp seaman
Raymond Laws chef kok 1979
David Nesom chief steward 1979 to 1980
Ian Draper catering boy 1979 to 1980
Anthony Fozzy H... able seaman (grade 1) 1979
Paul Oldnall able seaman (grade 2) 1980 to 1981
Peter Copeland 2nd mate 1980 to 1981
Derek Briton assistant steward 1980
Colion Greenall pumpman 1980 trainee pumpman
James D. Jim Auton chief engineer 1980
Gary Black steward/messman 1980
Alasdair Maclean 3rd engineer 1980
Graham Walden 2nd engineer 1980
Brian Saunders gp 1 1980 to 1981
Eric Halcrow 3rd engineer 1980 to 1981
Stuart Gallaway 2nd mate 1980
John Taylor chief officer 1980 to 1981
Martin Burley deck cadet/3rd mate 1980 to 1983
Eamon Mullin 3rd mate 1981
George Smart able seaman 1981 to 1987
Alan Jackson gp stwd 1981
Robert Rotheram... messman 1981 to 1983 stwd messman
Donald Macready 5th engineer 1981
Colin Williamson 2nd engineer 1981
Ian Evans catering boy 1981
Iain Maciver gp 2 1981 to 1982
David Heron chef kok 1981
Stephen Kettley gp 1 seaman 1981
Herbie Battye chief officer 1981
Alan Burns radio officer 1981
Malcolm Freeman gp/steward 1981
Thomas Malcolm ... 3rd engineer 1982 to 1983
Gary Black steward/messman 1982 to 1983
Joe Mally cpo - sbm 1982
Herbie Battye chief officer 1982 to 1983
Graham Walden 2nd engineer 1982 to 1983
David Nesom catering offficer 1982
Stuart Jobson 3rd engineer 1982
Mark Hill deck cadet 1983
Mike Hamer 3rd mate 1983
Robert Bob Flux able seaman (grade 1) 1983
Andrew Perry engineer cadet 1983


Date Visitor Anecdote
04/05/2023 - 16:40 Martin McGrath

The Darina was my favourite ship. Those lovely twin funnels atop the beautiful superstructure, and the lovely staircase inside the accommodation. The engine room was superb and I used to love manoeuvring with the hydraulic manoeuvring controls. Fantastic memories.

06/13/2013 - 15:52 Gerald Wood

Served on Darina from Jan to Jul 1969. I remember the first moon landing we were in Lyme Bay sat up all night to watch on tv. Interesting vessel to be on kept busy with many 'lightenings' in Lyme bay, also did a trip off Scotland to meet a new 'M' class new from a Danish shipyard to experiment lightening while under way. The practice was not adopted by shell. Also anchored of Cowes Isle of Wright for ten days and on the day of the Spithead Naval Review the ship was dressed overall. visited various ports from Shell Haven, Europort, Bantry Bay, Liverpool and Le Havre to name but a few. a happy ship with frequent trips asshore

03/27/2013 - 15:02 Rogerpalmer

Could not get off the ship fast enough never sailed with such a bunch of miserable people apart from Ass.Steward the loverly and only Lulu.

04/24/2011 - 20:23 Mike Big Taff H...

proberly the best of the lighteners always very busy, trips used to fly bye,did 6/7 trips on her ,during the mid 70s to mid 80s.all the usual ports of call,tranmere allways a good blow out there !!! teesport, woke up in redcar a couple of times !!! lovely stanford no hope !! all the reg near cont ports fredrecia always a good night out there with a bottle spirits under your coat to pay for your night out !!! hamburg say no more !!! europort,le verdon,antwerp,le harve,to name but a few .not much sleep aboard here far to busy for that !!!! great ship to be on always a good crew and great memories that will be with me for the rest of my life .