Completed 1979 as "ERVILIA" for STUK. 2000 sold to Continent Marine Singapore and renamed Opal. 17.2.2007 beached Alang for scrap. Model made by Ian Milligan.

Also known as
IMO number
Call sign
Construction number
31.374 ton
Length overall
Year of construction
Year of renaming/broken up
Service for Shell
1979 to 2000
Flag state
Home port



Name Job Period Details
Geoff Donnelly 2nd mate 1979 second mate in the builders' yard at chiba
Peter Copeland 2nd mate 1979
Nigel Lehmann-taylor deck cadet 1979 to 1980
John Holmes 3rd mate 1979 to 1980
Kevin Parsons deck boy 1979 to 1980
James W. Crosby s.g.p.o. 1979
Malcolm Peedell junior catering rating 1979 to 1980
Gus Mcphail senior radio officer 1979 to 1980
Andy House 5th engineer 1979
David John Foy able seaman 1979 to 1980
Ian Watson 3rd officer 1979
Don Shanahan assistant steward 1979
Bill Watts 5th engineer 1980 to 1981
Ian Biffo Johnson able seaman (grade 2) 1980
Robin Phillips engineer cadet 1980 1st trip, joined Singapore paid off Chiba
Roger Chapman radio officer 1980
Mike Big Taff H... gp g1 1980 to 1988 g1 served 3/4 times in 80s
Andy House 3rd engineer 1980
Ian Taffy Peart able seaman (grade 2) 1980
Mike Philpott A... radio officer 1980 to 1981
Douglas M.C. Renton master 1980 to 1981
Adrian Huntley grade 1 seaman 1981
Gary Black steward/messman 1981
Bryan Marshall Hips able seaman (grade 1) 1981
Ian F. Boon captain (commanding officer) 1981
Shaun Overton assistant steward 1982
Dave Soutter engineer cadet 1982 to 1983
Gary Pattinson gp 1 1982 gp 1s
Billy Ogilby gp 1 1982 to 1983
John Holmes 3rd officer 1983
Graham Lister 4th engineer 1983 to 1984
Gary Flux gp 1 1983 to 1984
Angus Proctor deck cadet 1983
Alan Jackson gp/steward 1983
Paul Whittle 2 engineer cadet 1983
Ron Frend 2nd engineer 1983 to 1984
John Peter Briand master 1984 to 1985
John Pickering cook steward 1984
Robin Macleod 2nd mate 1984
Geoff Donnelly 2nd mate 1984 to 1985
Stephen Mackin deck cadet 1984 to 1985
Gary Brazier able seaman (grade 1) 1985 to 1987
Paul Hagan po deck 1985 to 1986
Ian Draper steward 1986
Marcus Brady engineer cadet 1986 1st trip
Geoff Lawson able seaman (grade 1) 1986 to 1987
Tommy Golling 2nd cook and baker 1986 to 1989 Last trip on her 1989
Stuart Gallaway 2nd mate 1986
Eamon Mullin 2nd Mate then Chief Officer 1986 to 1987
Gavin Wilson able seaman 1986 to 1989
Fred Craig cook steward 1986
Roger Beecroft 2nd engineer 1987
Joe Mally chief petty officer 1987 to 1988
Michael O'keeffe steward 1987 to 1988
Iain Wysner able seaman 1987 to 1988
Gary Timmins able seaman 1987
Norman Hiscock gp 1 1988 to 1989
Liam Robson steward 1988
Niall Mushet 2nd officer 1988 to 1989
John Tallon 2nd cook 1988 to 2000 meesman/ 2nd cook/ cook/stwd
Mike Jelfs gp 1 1988
Simon Harrold 2nd cook 1988
Andre Ayliffe catering boy/2nd cook 1988 to 1989
Thomas P. Hughes master 1989
Charles Humphreys 2nd officer 1989 to 1990
Hamish Elliott 3rd mate 1989 to 1990
Roger Beecroft 2nd engineer 1989
Jason Gagen engineer cadet 1990 1st trip
Brian Graham chief engineer 1990
Adrian Ridley radio officer 1990 to 1991
Ron Cameron junoir deck rating 1990
Eric Cordiner able seaman 1990
Kenny Findlay engineer cadet 1991
Torvig Walton radio/electronics officer 1991
Dave Austin 3rd marine officer 1991
David Beeston chief engineer 1991 to 1995
Benjamin Adriano 2nd cook 1991 to 1992
Joseph Moore extra chief engineer 1991
David Payne gp 2 1991
Robert Yuille 2nd engineer 1992
Simon Harrold cook steward/catering officer 1992
Peter G. Furmston radio officer 1993
Mike Pearson 2nd engineer 1993
Raymond Laws cook steward 1993 to 1994
Kelvin Blackwood dual cadet 1994
Derek Gray marine cadet 1995
Neil Doyle 3rd mate 1995
Scott Crookes deck cadet 1995
Chris Renton 2nd mate 1995
Mohd Khairi Baharom deck cadet 1995 to 1996
Eric Bobby Anzano cadet 1996 senior cadet - my first trip on a shell tanker
Aristeos Corales 3rd officer 1996 to 1997
Raymond Laws catering instructor 1996
William Paul Baker 3rd engineer 1996 to 1997
Efren Montealegre Jr able seaman 1997 to 1998
Michael Boado ordinary seaman 1997
Martin Luther C... deck cadet 1998 to 1999
Joemalyn De Guzman engineer cadet 2000


Date Visitor Anecdote
12/03/2014 - 19:44 Geoff Lawson

great crowd on board good runs what more could you ask for. Great to see some of the names i knew. Goodluck to all.

08/19/2013 - 00:37 David Payne

Had a brilliant trip on this ship trading far east, woke up to do 12-4 in singapore to be told we was all being replaced by cheap foriegn labour taking our jobs! Three weeks later over a hundred men made redundant. Thank you filopino seaman!

06/11/2012 - 13:28 Roger Beecroft

This was my last trip with Shell before leaving to work for The Sultan of Oman. My time with Shell certainly gave me a good grounding for that and later appointments. Happy memories, well mostly!

09/15/2011 - 18:48 Thomas P. Hughes

Rescued 102 Vietnamese refugees in South China Sea.

04/25/2011 - 12:59 Kevin Parsons

flew out with full new crew from heathrow late 79 to join her in singapore suit case got mixed up with departing crew and went back to england got dangled over the focsle by big taff by my ankles good initiation

01/28/2011 - 10:54 Don Shanahan

joined her in chiba japan for maiden voyage done 6 and half months wouldn t have missed it for the world.

12/05/2010 - 14:50 Mike Big Taff H...

good ship to sail on ,far east mostly odd trip around pacific islands,aussie and nz,did 2 or 3 trips on her always good crews ,mainly lads off the north sea / lightening game after a bit of r/r in the sun lol.great times had and friends made.

10/24/2010 - 09:13 Eric Bobby Anzano 9-year fruitful career with Shell Tankers all started on this ship.

02/07/2009 - 20:40 Ian Biffo Johnson

The reason I signed a contract with shell . Asked if I would sail on these ships again told yes spent the next 4 years on L and D and N and I class. Got back on them in the end .