Completed 1954 as "HAUSTELLUM" for STUK. 1969 bunkering vessel at Lagos. 23-2-1975 arrived Vinaroz for scrap.

IMO number
Call sign
Construction number
19.231 ton
Length overall
Year of construction
Year of renaming/broken up
Service for Shell
1954 to 1975
Flag state
Home port



Name Job Period Details
Robert William Panes catering boy/galley boy 1954 to 1956
Greville Wilday deck apprentice 1954 to 1955
Donald Jones No... 2nd cook and baker 1954 to 1955
Alan Walter Nash engineer cadet 1955 to 1956
William Philip ... 3rd officer 1955
John Bernard cabin boy 1956 to 1957
Robert William Panes catering boy/galley boy 1957
Mike Parkin deck apprentice 1957 1st ship...joined Jarrow, left Falmouth layup. Only 10 days on board!
Garth M. Eldridge 2nd officer 1957 to 1958
George Hamilton engineer 1957 to 1958
Howard Jackson deck apprentice 1957
Peter Thomsett crew messman 1957 to 1958
David Golding Zig deck apprentice 1957
Ian Westworth deck apprentice 1957 to 1958
Marnoch S. Thomson 5th engineer 1957
Rodger Laycock deck apprentice 1958
Edwin Mortimer extra 3rd mate 1959
George Ball able seaman 1959
Brian Blake crew messman 1959 to 1960
Peter Hamilton deck cadet 1959
James Colville sparks radio officer 1959 to 1960
Raymond Jones radio officer 1961
Alistair Montgomery 3rd engineer 1961
Neil Porter apprentice 1961 to 1962
John Pyper Morrison catering boy/galley boy 1961
Terence Prince catering boy/galley boy 1961 to 1962
John Raddings 5th engineer 1963 to 1964
Alan Matthews apprentice engineer 1963
Donald Travis 3rd officer 1963 to 1964
David I Lazenby sailor 1964 to 1965 sailor, edh
Ken Heiser 3rd mate 1964
Brian Sweeney pantryboy 1965
Richard Graham ... deck apprentice 1965 to 1966
Neil Frederick ... crew messman 1965
Alan Briggs crew messman 1965 to 1966
John Hallford deck cadet 1965 to 1967
Alan Tunnicliffe 5th engineer 1965 to 1966
Ken Heiser 3rd mate 1965
Gerald W Brown 3rd engineer 1966 to 1967
Michael Stoddart deck cadet 1966
David Richardson apprentice engineer 1966
Ian F. Boon captain (commanding officer) 1966 to 1967
Brian Hogarth 3rd officer 1966 to 1967
Dave Pollard sparks radio officer 1966
Douglas Bee 2nd steward 1966 to 1967
Thomas Malcolm ... 3rd engineer 1967 to 1968
Roger Roberts 2nd cook 1967 to 1968
John P M Cusson 2nd officer 1967 to 1968
Ricky Ireland able seaman 1968 to 1969
Gwyn Melville W... senior ordinary seaman 1968 to 1969
Thomas Malcolm ... 3rd engineer 1969
Richard Hindle training officer 1969 to 1970
Mike Riley 2nd engineer 1970
Daniel Smith Cowie 5th engineer 1970 to 1971 1st trip
Derek William C... 2nd mate 1971
Ian Coulman 2nd officer 1971
Ken Hart chief engineer 1971
Gordon Smith 5th engineer 1971 to 1972
Allen Higgins 2nd engineer 1972
Ian Jones 5th engineer 1972 to 1976
Rob Houwers supernumerary 1972
Nick Baxter engineer cadet 1972
Sean Burns 3rd mate 1972
Stefan Laing fiver 1973
Roger Duke 2nd engineer 1973 2nd engineer
Desmond Richards 5th engineer 1973
Roy Humphreys 5th engineer 1973
Brian Graham chief engineer 1973 to 1974
Brian Lindo extra 3rd engineer 1973
Sean Burns 3rd mate 1973
Robin Guy deck cadet 1973
James D. Jim Auton 2nd engineer 1973 to 1974
Tony Birtwistle deck cadet 1973 to 1974
Les Rhodes 4th engineer 1974
Syd Lees 2nd mate 1974
Maurice Arber engineer cadet 1974 to 1975
Geoff Akehurst 3rd mate 1974
Matthew Jamieson 5th engineer 1974
Ashley Barnard engineer cadet 1975
Mike Bailey engineer cadet 1975


Date Visitor Anecdote
02/05/2016 - 05:20 David Wynn Williams

In the, sixties we picked up two British Soldiers rowing the Atlantic they came on board had a showe and got provisions and went back on the boat and rowed the rest of the way to Ireland they were very lucky to be Spotted by the third Mate at about 1100. Hours they had been lost for a couple of Weeks brave men I would say.

01/28/2010 - 22:52 Ian Coulman

This was a great ship. 6 months off the Bonny river topping up loaded vessels. It gave me an appetite for ship handling which led me leaving Shell to become an Inchcape mooring master at Bonny offshore terminal. I remember the rollwiller gordie oldman with great effection and Dixie Deans the old 2nd mate what a star.
I guess that jobs like that are a thing of the past!!!!

02/26/2009 - 21:09 Neil Porter