Completed 1982 as "ISOCARDIA" for STUK. 1999 sold to Isomarine Trade Panama and renamed Gaz Horizon. 2008 scrapped Alang.

Also known as
Gaz Horizon
IMO number
Call sign
Construction number
59.000 ton
Length overall
Year of construction
Year of renaming/broken up
Service for Shell
1982 to 1999
Flag state
Home port



Name Job Period Details
John Wlikinson-... cook steward 1973
Donald Macready 5th engineer 1982
David Else superintendent engineer 1982
John Smith galley boy, steward 1982 to 1983
Danny Liddington efficient deckhand 1982
Steve Almond cargo engineer 1983 last trip
Gus Mcphail sro 1983
Roger Chapman radio officer 1983 to 1988
Chris Furnish grade 1 seaman 1983 to 1985
David Wilson chief steward 1983
Douglas M.C. Renton master 1984 to 1985
Ronald Davies 2nd engineer 1984 to 1985 2nd engineer
Mick Cardiff chef kok 1984
Joe Mally chief petty officer 1984
Simon Graves 4th engineer 1984 to 1985
Mike Philpott A... radio officer 1984
Gary Flux gp 1 1984
John Bateman master 1984 to 1991
Michael Turnbull 5th engineer 1985
Gerry Healy assistant steward 1985
Simon Harrold junior catering rating 1985
Peter Davidson 2nd mate 1985
Colion Greenall gp g1 1985
Ian Draper steward 1985
Paul Hagan po deck 1985 to 1986
Ian Bishop 3rd engineer 1985
Andy House 3rd engineer 1986
John Arnott chief officer 1986 to 1996 2nd officer and chief officer
Stuart Gallaway chief officer 1987 to 1988
Tony Gouldbourne chief petty officer 1987
Alasdair Maclean cargo engineer 1987 to 1988
Robert Rice able seaman 1988 to 1989
David R. Byrne 2 po mechanic 1988 to 1989
Peter Davidson mate 1988 to 1989
Graham Gould 2nd engineer cargo 1989
Tony Hogg 4th engineer, 3rd engineer and 2nd engineer 1989 to 1999
Malcolm Freeman 2nd/ck 1989
Hasan Fawad Awan 3rd officer 1989
Dave Austin dual cadet 1989
Stephen Sowrey 3rd engineer 1990
Geoffrey Forster 2 cook steward 1991
James Bentley steward 1991 to 1993
Liam Robson steward 1991
Verner Haidak electro technical officer 1991 to 1995
Gordon Moran deck cadet 1992 to 1993
Raymond Laws cook steward 1992 to 1996
Clint Lanyon deck cadet 1992
James Estill deck cadet 1992 to 1993
S. Othman e/c 1993 to 1994
Kenny Farquhar engineer cadet 1993
David Atkinson electro technical officer 1993 to 1994
Steven Asplet 3rd engineer 1994 to 1995
Geoff Donnelly captain (commanding officer) 1994
Chris Renton 2nd mate 1994
Kelvin Blackwood 3rd mo 1995
Redentor Tolentino messman 1996 to 1997
Robert Rotheram... cook steward 1996
Terry Crook chief engineer 1996 to 1999
Scott Crookes deck cadet 1996
John Tallon cook steward 1996 to 2001 mess man, 2nd cook, cook/steward
Alvin Say deck cadet 1996 My 1st Trip, I was one of the first filipino cadets in Shell. Sailed with Capt. Peter Bowden
Derek Gray marine cadet 1997 to 1999
Chris Renton chief officer 1997
Willem J. Netelenbos master 1998 to 1999
Simon Garcia 3rd officer 1999
Philip Tweddle chief officer 1999


Date Visitor Anecdote
07/29/2017 - 02:11 Jeff Lockhart

I worked on the construction of this ship as an electrician at H&W.

02/23/2016 - 21:28 Gary Lamb

I worked for She'll Tankers from 87 to 9, i worked on the sister sip the isomeric and also the Eburna. I am trying to contact an old pal Robert Rice who sailed on the Isocardia can anyone help?

01/29/2016 - 21:49 John Arnott

My last ship in Shell, signed off in Teesport May 1996. This was as the 'merger' was dragging on, I was frustrated by the fact there was no clear indication from the IoM when my promotion was due. Within 4 days I found an employer who could. No ill feelings from either side, it was just time to move on.

03/03/2014 - 23:13 John Smith

all the sssss trip dec 1982 joined southamton s1 sweden s2 sullem vo s3 south america s4 salvador s5 santos s6 south africa capetown s7 santacruz tenerife s8 nite in de arceys hotel fly home actually joined as ass stwd
but old cook was off coastal ships never sean a galley so big so ch stwd pulled my book saw i was crew cook crosschanel 6years saw an easy trip for himself and said shell tankers r duel purpose ships and i,ll go were i,m toldto go he had a couchy trip dont normally get a lot of runs ashore on tankers i was lucky that trip

09/19/2010 - 13:45 Steve Almond

Dave Murphy - I clearly remember our time in Amsterdam and on Isocardia; received your email but have no address for you. Be good to get in touch again. Steve