Completed 1955 as "KALYDON" for La Corona. 18-5-1976 arrived Castellon Spain for scrap.

IMO number
Call sign
Construction number
19.267 ton
Length overall
Year of construction
Year of renaming/broken up
Service for Shell
1955 to 1976
Flag state
Home port



Name Job Period Details
Marinus Visscher sailor 1954 to 1957
John Brouwer mate 1955 to 1956 matroos ab
Jan R. Alsma leerlingwerktuigkundige 1955
Albert Jan Baerveldt apprentice engineer 1955 to 1956
A. Gonlag sailor 1955 to 1956
Jan V. Ravestein pumpman 1955
Theo Franken matroos/scheepsgezel 1955 to 1965
Dirck Meurs 5th engineer 1955
William John Boyd engineer 1955
Dirk Bakker bediende 1955
Frans Schilperoord matroos/scheepsgezel 1956
John Appel leerlingwerktuigkundige/5e werktuigkundige 1956 to 1958
Bob Van Luijk lichtmatroos (matroos onder de gage) 1956 to 1957
Bert Van Malland stuurmansleerling 1956 to 1957
Cor Grootveld radio officer 1956 to 1958
Nico Van Der Bent matroos/scheepsgezel 1957 to 1958
Cock Moret koksmaat 1957 to 1958
S. Harders 2nd mate 1957 to 1958
Jan P. Quak matroos/scheepsgezel 1958
Henk Kievit leerlingwerktuigkundige/5e werktuigkundige 1958 to 1960
Adrianus Lankhorts scheepstimmerman 1958
Teun Kaagman radio officer 1958 to 1959
Piet Van Der Veur 2nd cook 1958 to 1959
Henri Engelbert boy 1959 to 1960
Anne Heeringa bediende 1959 to 1960
Henri Engelbert lichtmatroos (matroos onder de gage) 1959 to 1961 boy-matroos o.g.
Rob Kuijpers handlanger 1960
Jan Kalee 2e pompman/bankwerker 1960 to 1961
Rob Huisman leerlingwerktuigkundige/5e werktuigkundige 1960
Dirk Bakker 2nd cook 1960 to 1961
Hans Beckers lichtmatroos (matroos onder de gage) 1960 to 1961
Hans Quak 5th engineer 1960
C.p. Schoenmakers 2 2nd officer 1961
Cor Van Der Ent 5th engineer 1961 to 1962
Willem Poot ketelbink, lichtmatroos (matroos onder de gage) 1961 to 1962
Jan Rijkmans 1e stuurman 1961 to 1962
Linze Taeke Meijer bediende 1961
Piet Bergmans chef kok 1962 to 1963
Fred Nederbragt apprentice engineer 1962
Wiel S. Van Der Ham 3e stuurman 1962
Jan Hagedoorn leerlingwerktuigkundige 1962 to 1963
Gerard Van Staveren steward 1962 to 1963
Frits Koopman stuurmansleerling 1962
Theo Veenhijs koksjongen 1963 to 1964
Kees Den Boer lichtmatroos (matroos onder de gage) 1963 to 1964
C.f. Van Der Ende koksjongen 1963 to 1964
Rinus Winters scheepsgezel algemene werkploeg 1963
Jan De Lange ketelbink, lichtmatroos (matroos onder de gage) 1963 to 1964
Peter Wolff pantryboy 1963 Monsterboekje r no. 123575
Aart Van Der Gaarden bankwerker 1963
Hans R. Godlieb leerlingwerktuigkundige 1963
Aart De Ruijter handlanger 1963 to 1964
F.j. Scholte matroos/scheepsgezel 1964
Leen Huisman matroos/scheepsgezel 1964 to 1966
Wim De Kwant 5th engineer 1964
Willem N. Prins lichtmatroos (matroos onder de gage) 1964
Joop Vreugdenhil sailor 1964
Peter Emil Bal matroos/scheepsgezel 1964
Hans Van Walsum lichtmatroos (matroos onder de gage) 1964 to 1965
Willem Sinke handlanger 1964
Piet Bergmans chef kok 1964
Jan Pot bankwerker 1965
Max Karpes 1 handlanger/stoker olieman 1965
Jan Wientjes stuurmansleerling 1965
Hans Maassen leerlingwerktuigkundige 1965 to 1966
Robvanrijsinge volmatroos 1965
Aart Van Der Gaarden 2e pompman/bankwerker 1965
Bart De Rouw lichtmatroos (matroos onder de gage) 1965
Bertus Stuivenberg steward 1965 to 1966
Hans L. De Ridder 4th engineer 1965
Willem Berkepeis sailor 1965
Hans Ewers 3rd engineer 1965
Laskarzewski matroos/scheepsgezel 1965
Bas De Heij bediende 1965 to 1966
Hans Ewers 5th engineer 1965
Theo Veenhijs koksmaat/bakker 1965
Anne Heeringa chef kok 1965
Hans P.j. De Bruin lichtmatroos (matroos onder de gage) 1966 to 1968
Cees De Jong 5th engineer 1966
Willem Derksen volmatroos 1966 to 1967
Cees De Jong 5th engineer 1966
Menno Stammes 3e stuurman 1966
Willem Knoester hoofd voeding 1967 to 1968
Eugene Smits matroos/scheepsgezel 1967 to 1968
Sboerendonk oiler 1967 to 1968
P.h. Van Der Ham 2e stuurman (2nd officer/mate) 1967 to 1968
Reinder Bos volmatroos 1967
Hans Pabbruwee stuurmansleerling 1967 to 1968
Ruud De Haan stuurmansleerling 1967 to 1968
P.j.m. Van Der Ende chef kok 1967
Henk Kievit 2nd engineer 1967
Reinder Bos matroos/scheepsgezel 1967
Roel Dijkstra 3e stuurman 1968
Peter Toussaint wachtassistent 1968
Wim Bill Ten Bl... volmatroos 1968 to 1969
Arie Bravenboer matroos/scheepsgezel 1968 to 1969
Willem Berkepeis sailor 1968
Theo Veenhijs chef kok 1968 w.n.chef kok
Karel Schefferlie fireman/greaser 1968 to 1969
C.f. Van Der Ende chef kok 1969
Fred Van Der Vorm 3rd engineer 1969 to 1970
Ben Fischer handlanger 1969
Gerard Sammy Hartman matroos/scheepsgezel 1969
Piet Van Dijk 4th engineer 1969
Gerard Vingerhoed 5th engineer 1969
Nico Kuilman apprentice engineer/5th engineer 1970 to 1973
Sytze Bos 2nd officer 1970 to 1971
Richard Berghuijs matroos/scheepsgezel 1970
Willem Huijgen cook 1970
Peter Verspeek stuurmansleerling 1970
Harro Sterrenburg apprentice engineer/assistent engineer 1970 My last six months as apprentice engineer
Peter Mulder leerlingwerktuigkundige 1970 to 1971
Willem Baris 1 apprentice engineer 1970 to 1971
P.h. Bax radio officer 1970 to 1971
Harry Weerman stuurmansleerling 1970 to 1971
C.j. Bier 5th engineer 1970 to 1971
Hans Maassen 3rd engineer 1971
Jose Antonio Do... scheepsvoorman 1971 to 1972
Gerrit Kramer apprentice engineer 1971
J.f. Spiering chief engineer 1971
Toon Margadant 4e stuurman 1971
Rene Hendriks 2e stuurman (2nd officer/mate) 1971 to 1972
Henk Schaaper 5th engineer 1971 to 1972
Jan Smid 2nd engineer 1971
Max Stoltink 5e scheepswerktuigbouwkundige (swtk) 1971
Willem Kramer leerlingwerktuigkundige 1971
Kees Den Heijer 5e scheepswerktuigbouwkundige (swtk) 1971
Koos De Groot 2nd engineer 1972
Peter Mulder 5th engineer 1972
John Budding gezagvoerder 1972
Joep Herbergs 3e stuurman 1972
Don Elsman 4th engineer 1972 to 1974
Peter Reid werktuigkundige 1972
Hans R. Godlieb 2nd engineer 1972 to 1973
Ab Van Velde 4th engineer 1972 to 1973
Hans Poot hoofd voeding 1972
Jan R. Alsma chief engineer 1973
Jan Gijsbertsen 5th engineer 1973
Frits Sant 3rd engineer 1973 to 1974
Frank Van Manen 3e stuurman 1973
Wim De Voogd 4th engineer 1973
Frans Van Der Lei 2e stuurman (2nd officer/mate) 1973 to 1974
Peter Verburg radio officer 1973
Wim Noortman stuurmansleerling 1973 to 1974
Dirk Kruk 4th engineer 1974
Glenn Mellonius 5th engineer 1974
Albert Jan Baerveldt chief engineer 1974
Wouter Ritter stuurmansleerling 1974
Rob Niezing 3rd engineer 1974 to 1975
Wiel S. Van Der Ham captain (commanding officer) 1974
Roelof Kuipers stuurmansleerling 1974
Nico V.d. Zwan 4th engineer 1974
Els Kruk-morsink writer 1974
Carlo Mazairac 4th engineer 1974
Jelle Cnossen radio officer 1974
Albert Wawolangi apprentice engineer 1974 to 1976
Ad Wouterson radio operator 1975
Piet Cammel captain 1975 to 1976
Mohamad Tohir Laisa laundryman 1975
Jan C.d. Thiermann 4e stuurman 1975
Max Stoltink 3rd engineer 1975 to 1976
Piet Bergmans hoofd voeding 1975 to 1976
Gerard Besier 2e stuurman (2nd officer/mate) 1975
Frank Tullmann hoofd voeding 1975
Louis Kint apprentice 1975
Gijs Dieterich 3rd engineer 1976
Lou Toutenhoofd radio officer 1976
Hans Maassen 2nd engineer 1976


Date Visitor Anecdote
02/15/2017 - 10:16 Coen H. Verbeek

I sailed my last trip in the merchant marines as a seaman a/b from July 1968 till December 1968 on the ss.Kalydon.We left Rotterdam without being told where we were going, although we expected to be send to Singapore,which would be our home port, from where we would transport fuels for the American war efforts in South- Vietnam.We arrived in Singapore late August or early September and from then until early December we were going back and forth between Singapore (Pulau Bukom)and various South Vietnamese ports.Our first trip was to Saigon ,and on our trip up the Mekong River we were attacked by machine guns and rockets but were not hit fortunately,with our tanks filled into the fill-pipes with highly flammable (explosive)aviation fuels.We were being paid double wages every time we entered Vietnamese waters, and we really earned those wages because over the next three months we were attacked several more times.In early December we were attacked very seriously with heavy weapon!
s in a small port somewhere north of Saigon where we were pumping fuel inland to Pleiku where heavy fighting was going on.We were attacked at 1.00 am, so pitch dark ,and we had both anchors out till almost full lenght,so it took us a long time to wheel them in, with the helicopter gun ships firing almost continuously over our heads.The company decided after that attack to send us on an Rand R trip to the Persian Gulf to get our nerves back.On the way to the Gulf we stopped in Singapore,Colombo and Bombay. Our Captain was a cheapskate,always trying to do everything cheaply,and when we approached Butcher Island in the Bombay harbor,just a pumping station on a small island, we were too early and there was no one on the dock yet to take our lines and the captain stopped too late, after refusing a tugboat`s help, and we bumped into the dock.The captain ordered me too jump of the deck onto the dock to tie our lines. I refused at first,but after he threatened to sent me home if I !
kept refusing,I reluctantly jumped and ended up breaking one h!
eel bone
and badly bruising the other.
Cheapskate refused for 8 hours to call for a doctor,but finally relented and I ended up in a hospital that night.To make a long story short,I befriended one of my nurses,married her in Bombay 9 months later and brought her to Holland with me,where we lived for five years before we emigrated to the USA,where we still live.

04/08/2015 - 23:22 Agaath Buurmans

mijn man jan buurmans was chef hofmeester
ik ging ook wel eens mee als het goed is
was kaptein hr reus ook barend nakker kom
me nog goed voor me halen wij haden veel contact
met een chefhofmeester waar ik de naam niet meer van weet
weet wel zijn vrouw heet sarie en ze woonden in
vlaardingen zou heel graag contact zoeken wie kan mij daar mee helpen

zou er heel blij mee zijn vr groet agaath buurmans