Completed 1969 as "MACTRA" for STUK. On 29-12-1969 the "MACTRA" had a tank explosion during tank cleaning. Two killed and several seriously burned. 1970 new midsection in Japan. 1974 as "MACTRA" to Shell France. 12-6-1980 arrived Kaohsiung for scrap.

IMO number
Call sign
Construction number
206.885 ton
Length overall
Year of construction
Year of renaming/broken up
Service for Shell
1969 to 1980
Flag state
Home port



Name Job Period Details
Danny Van Niekerk unknown Carried the degassing formulae on board Durban harbour jan 1970 (agent) right after the explosion (danger of second explosion)
David S Logie 4th engineer 1968 to 1969
Hylton Edmondso... chief engineer 1968 to 1970 during construction, explosion and voyage to Durban
David Nesom ch/ck 1969
Anthony Terry W... catering offficer 1969
Dennis Clarke catering boy/galley boy 1969 to 1970
Barrie E. Dakers Bas chief engineer 1969 to 1970 After explosion and rebuilding
Roy Rodwell po mechanic 1969 to 1970 Badly burned
Anonymous seaman 1969 to 1970 gp boy g3 seaman
Ted Waugh able seaman (grade 1) 1969
Ken Hart 2nd engineer 1969
James Loughlin radio/electronics officer 1969
Roger Carmichael edh (gp1) 1969 to 1970 Maiden voyage
Mick Thomas po mechanic 1969
Brian Ansell catering boy 1969
J.e. Palmer captain (commanding officer) 1969 to 1970
Clive Wintle pantryboy 1970
Denis Conaty grade 1 seaman 1970
David C. Richmond 2nd engineer 1970 second engineer (after the explosion and during the repair)
David Glasson radio/electronics officer 1970 radio electronics officer durban-yokohama after explosion
John Pegden assistant steward 1970 Joined vessel Durban (South Africa) after explosion
Will Hitchcock catering boy/galley boy 1970
Roy Lomas 2nd mate 1970
William Robertson 3rd engineer 1970
David Shepherd assistant steward 1970
Christopher Grindle junior engineer 1970
Don Wyllie 4th engineer 1970 to 1971
Zia Addin Kalan... deck cadet 1971
Peter Rees 2nd cook 1971
John Richard Wi... radio/electronics officer 1971 to 1972
Geoffrey Sutton deck cadet 1971
David Glasson radio/electronics officer 1971 to 1972
Vic Hubbert 2nd mate 1971
Les Albrow 2nd mate 1971 Joined Y'hama during repairs
Phil Mairs deckhand 1971 gp deck hand
Brian Lindo 3rd engineer 1971 to 1972
David Nesom ch/ck 1971
Anthony Terry W... catering 1971 catering officer, joined Yokohama restore after rebuild
Gus Mcphail senior radio officer 1971 to 1972 Stood by new building
Robert Baillie catering boy/galley boy 1971 After re-build y\hamma
Syd Lees extra 3rd mate 1972
Charles Stobbart catering offficer 1972
Stefan Laing fiver 1973 to 1974
David Nesom ch/ck 1973
Andy Willmore 2nd officer 1973 to 1974
Geoff Donnelly 2nd mate 1973
Peter Copeland deck cadet 1973 to 1974
Michael Travica seaman 1973 g.p. seaman
Claude Gorry radio officer 1974
Michel Grisot novice 1974 novice (08/74 A 12/74)
Alain Le Gac engine officer 1974 to 1976
Gambarelli Pierre deck cadet 1974 1st trip
Plouhinec Michel ordinary seaman 1975
Rotureau Joseph... 3rd engineer 1975
Anonymous radio officer 1976 to 1980
Regnault Denis radio officer 1978
Jacques Vanicatte 3rd engineer 1978 1st trip from 2nd may 1978 to 1st august 1978
Jacques Vanicatte 3rd engineer 1978 ist trip from 2nd may 1978 to 1st august 1978
Jacques Vanicatte 3rd engineer 1978 my 1st trip from 2nd may to 1st august 1978
Jacques Vanicatte 3rd engineer 1978 My 1st trip from 2nd may 1978 to 1st august 1978
Patrick Poirier 3rd deck officer 1979
Bomy Bernard engine officer 1979


Date Visitor Anecdote
01/26/2017 - 02:05 Sue Dalton Cunn...

My father was Lindsay Cunningham, who worked for STUK and was stationed in Tokyo in 1969, when the Mactra was brought to Yokohama for repairs. I remember barbecues at our house, when the crew came, while the repairs were being done. I was 7 years old at the time.

04/20/2009 - 11:43 Christopher Grindle

Hi Dennis
I was on the Mactra whilst it was in durban for repairs and then sailed with it to yokohama where it had a new aft section to the foredeck made and fitted. If you could email me the pics that you have I would appreciate it my email address is I have many fond memories of our time in durban especially the football match against the castle brewery , we lost the game but the session in the brewery afterwards was no contest

04/16/2009 - 23:21 Denis Conaty

I have photos of Mactra when it was in Durban while under repair after the explosion of the east coast of Africa..!!