Completed 1959 as "SAN CALISTO" for Eagle Tanker. 1960 purchased by STUK and renamed "VERMETUS" in 1965. 9-5-1975 arrived Masan for scrap.

Also known as
IMO number
Call sign
Construction number
34.750 ton
Length overall
Year of construction
Year of renaming/broken up
Service for Shell
1960 to 1975
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Date Visitor Anecdote
10/04/2011 - 18:04 Ian Burrows

John Dobbin joined the S.T.S San Calisto on 15/03/1960 at Falmouth on a journey that finished at Birkenhead. He then sailed onward again until he changed ships on the 10/06/1960. He was employed as a Junior Engineer. My paps recently passed away, he will be sadly missed..

11/15/2010 - 23:11 Karran Blackie ...

Joined as galley boy ist tripper in Tranmere jan 64 went ashore that night had a lot to drink and bought bag full of booze back,stopped by the chief mate Mr Evans and had to hand it over to him,but he did give me a couple of to take to my cabin big deal he must have drunk the rest. Ido remember Allan Davis Ass stwd other names i remember Michael Stone c/b,Cpt charles alexander worsley, C/OFF Evans Kiwi ab C/cook Harold Blackways 2nd cook Gerry Williams, Sam Horton a/b Jim Battie 5th eng , Mr doren messman ,Tom Mcguiness a/b . Jimmy H.ieney a/b,forget the bosuns name but he was a big fat man the carpenter was called Tommy he later got stabbed to death on another company vessel,the relief captain was named Evans he was a nice man,the Chief Steward was Mr Dobbin he was from Ireland.

09/30/2009 - 23:12 Eddie Allen

Must have been in 64 I joined her, as a deck boy. The bos'un was a PIG; THE OFFICERS COULD HAVE BEEN WORSE. Six months of very interesting hell, mostly in the Pacific. We went up the Persian Gulf and boy was it hot, the deck was like a griddle you could have fried an egg on it. I collapsed with sun stroke on the foredeck while painting the Old Man decided to log me their and then for falling asleep on the job. Just then word arrived that the other two boys had collapsed. No one said sorry, just that it was all my fault, I should have put on a shirt and hat.
One of the other boys went mad and had to be flown home as a consequence. We had to guard him to stop him jumping over the wall.
Most of the crew were flown home for fighting, others disappeared after each port. Smitty chopped the bosun's door with a fire axe and then went after the captain. I got drunk in Malta first time in my life; the officers decided to log me again, their and then around midnight while I was drunk. Kiwi a huge AB got the 1st mate and executive 1st mate in a grip, and smashed their heads together. They sacked him and then later tried to section him as insane.
Set me up for life that ship.