Completed 1944 as "SAN VELINO" for Eagle Oil. 1962 scrapped Grimstad.

IMO number
Call sign
Construction number
8.210 ton
Length overall
Year of construction
Year of renaming/broken up
Service for Shell
1944 to 1962
Flag state
Home port




Date Visitor Anecdote
12/31/2016 - 09:52 Desmond Doyle

My father Desmond Doyle served as Chief Officer from 57-58. He took over command 259/58 due to Capt. Gibb becoming ill. Sailed from Curacao to Rio via Cardon, Venezuela where he reverted to Ch.Off on being relieved by Capt. Weightman, 15/10/58.

07/24/2016 - 21:25 Laurie Attwood

As an apprentice on my first trip ( Belfast- Ellesmere Port- Dutch West Indies and West Africa) apart from intermittant bouts of seasickness there was a persistent worrying pain in my right side which after several inspections of \\\'The Ships Medical Guide\\\' prompted senior personnel on board to think that the most likely diagosis was grumbling appendix. It was therefore decided as a precautionary measure I should go to my bunk and remain there until we reached port. However as the voyage progressed my condition worsened and despite penicillin injections a point was reached where it was decided that in the circumstances perhaps the Captain should intervene and carry out the necessary surgical procedures to eradicate the problem. I was advised by the 3rd officer that the saloon table was being prepared as a temporary operating table and that contact had been established with a Royal Navy vessel who would assist and advise the Master as to the appropriate steps to be taken to remove that part of my anatomy which was the cause of the trouble. However before this great plan reached any sort of conclusion the pain miraculously eased, and we reached port where I was taken to hospital and the offending bits removed.
I was returned to the UK as DBS (Distressed British Seaman) on board one of Paddy Henderson\\\'s cargo ships and after a short recovery period at home joined the San Vulfrano and had a brilliant time there. The Chief Officer was Ian Boon and the Master was Captain J.Bright and you don\\\'t get better than that.

01/03/2010 - 01:47 George Galbraith

Joined the San Velino at Liverpool straight from the Sea Training school at Gravesend. I was proudly wearing "crossed Anchors" awarded for ability at the school. The official at the "Pool" immediately told me that I could F******* get that off right away!
Ah the San Velino. What a ship. How many times did we break down or go on fire. Provided lots of fun, for an innocent deck boy, floating around the Atlantic with the engine dead.
I remember the day deck sailors caught six sharks. Initially using a rope with a butchers hook the shark took the bait but bit through the rope as attempts were made to haul the shark on board.
Using a wire hawser a butchers hook attached and amazingly used cotton waste on the hook, at least six sharks were quickly hauled on board.
What happened to the sharks? I would rather not say, but I was horrified.
Lots of stories but suffice to say my proudest moment was on the wheel with the Pilot on board, sailing down the Buoy Channel in the river Mersey - my home town.

10/22/2009 - 05:16 Ken Hart

Joined this ship in Naples. She was supposed to sail the following day for Curacao but we lay in Naples for 13 days trying to get her to go. Eventually we left and after many breakdowns arrived in Curacao. One of the casualties was the steam driven steering gear and when we arrived she was being steered by wires run down through ports in the steering flat from the windlasses on the poop deck. The steam plant was interesting being a Yarrow three drum WT boiler and a Nelvin thimble tube boiler.