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01/20/2014 - 16:33 Having sailed as a Junior Engineer with Eagle Oil on the San Velino, San Virgilio & San Leonardo from Feb 1957 to the end of 1959. It would be good to hear from Jim Parson who was a second Engineer at the time and lived in New Castle. Also Henry Manning Knight who was then a 3rd Engineer and lived in Bromley Kent.
05/04/2007 - 20:31 I was on the San Velino as a Junior Engineer 25th March 1957 to 24th May 1957. Jim Parson was our 2nd Engineer. Many good memories.


Period Tanker Job Details Action
1957 SAN VELINO junior engineer
1957 to 1958 SAN LEONARDO (2) engineer
1957 SAN VIRGILIO junior engineer