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12/09/2007 - 04:26 Hello, I was a deck cadet with Shell Tankers from 10.11.73 to 16.7.77. Then got my 2nd Mates C of C and worked on M.V. Tropic Fury 13.2.78 to 12.12.78 on the Singapore/Cocos Island/Fremantle route. Then on M.V. Melton Challenger 26.7.80 to 1.10.80. Must have banged my head because I next joined the Royal Navy as a helicopter pilot. Loved the Shell days......should have stayed single and stayed at sea!!!!


Period Tanker Job Details Action
1973 to 1974 Acavus (2) deck cadet
1974 Valvata deck cadet
1975 Opalia (2) deck cadet
1976 Dorcasia (2) deck cadet
1977 Serenia deck cadet