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04/11/2006 - 17:28 Allan, its nice to hear again from someone who sailed with my uncle, Capt. J. Palmer. I grew up with him and will never forget the character that he was. Am still in touch with his widow , she did a trip or two with him. Best regards Bob palmer
11/16/2005 - 11:07 Hello Carl & Mike Its nice to hear your kind words about my uncle "Peddler". I still have a lot of memories of him. Especially during the 50's & 60's when he would come home on leave (we lived in the same house at the time) with lots of money and tell of his adventures in remote parts of the world. It just made me want to get away from the humdrum life of the time. So what better for a young chap to do but join Shell! Bob
10/30/2005 - 16:11 Hello Carl (Gippert) Capt.Peddler did die from cancer in 79. Its nice to hear that you got on with him because I think he was a hard task master. Its too bad that you lost all your photos because I would have enjoyed very much seeing them. How long were you with shell? Bob Palmer
10/11/2005 - 23:04 Ref: Carl Gippert You mention Capt. Peddler Palmer, actually Jim. He was my uncle and lived in Salisbury. Afraid he died back in 1979. He was one hell of a character and had been at sea from the age of 16. Was torpedoed during the 2nd war off portugal and rescued by fishermen. He was also the Captain on the Mactra when the explosion happened in the Mozambique channel. I was with shell for a short time as an engineer in 1965, wish I had been on deck like my uncle. He certainly inspired me as a child with all his exotic stories when he came home on leave. This is the first mention of his name I have come across./ Excellent web site!
06/20/2005 - 02:12 Reply to Jim Macintyre Ref: Axina, I was 5th Eng for part of 1965. Joined at Shellhaven and went up to Killingholm. Then to Port Harcourt, Bonny and accross to Curacao, Trinindad back to Nigeria and then to Stanlow. At least I think that's how it went. I think the Ch Eng was Jim Leak and Master was Capt. Bright. This was around July- October that year. I am afraid the 3rd Eng was a pig headed W Alexander whom nobody seemed to get on with for long. Still they were good times! Bob Palmer


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1965 Axina 5th engineer