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02/09/2006 - 13:28 Michael, I was deck apprentice on the Verena 1958 to mid 1959 on the Curacao Buenus Aries ron mostly. Were you there at this time? Regards
01/24/2006 - 18:32 This link corrects my Email address. Does anyone know the whereabouts of Peter Trafford 50's to 60's with Shell. Deck Apprentice - 3rd Mate
01/21/2006 - 15:22 Sorry. My correct E-Mail address is Dreadnought_844@yahoo.ca. I entered it wrong originally. David Read
01/20/2006 - 16:15 Looking for my "twin" Peter Trafford. Went to Trinity House Navigation School in Hull, Yorkshire 1954/55 and went with Shell tankers in 1955. Married in the Isle of White 1961 was 3rd Mate with Shell at that time. Lost contact. David Read
01/19/2006 - 20:36 Went to Trinity House Navigation School in Hull Yorkshire.I Joined Shell in 1955, it was then called the Anglo Saxon Petroleum Company, as a deck apprentice on the Newcombia Captain Harland a great person. After Apprenticeship sailed on the Zaphon, Captain Rumbello as 3rd Mate left shell in 1965. I did get my Masters Certificate. David Read now living in Canada.


Period Tanker Job Details Action
1955 to 1956 NEWCOMBIA deck apprentice 1st trip
1956 to 1957 VOLVULA deck apprentice 2nd trip, ships maiden voyage
1957 to 1958 HELCION (2) deck apprentice
1958 to 1959 VERENA deck apprentice
1960 ZAPHON (1) 3rd mate
1960 to 1961 HOROMYA 3rd mate
1960 HIMA 3rd mate
1961 to 1962 SAN GASPAR (2) 3rd mate
1962 to 1963 BORUS 2nd mate
1963 DAVILA 2nd mate
1964 CAPISTERIA 2nd mate
1964 to 1965 VERTAGUS 2nd mate