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11/24/2022 - 12:10 Dear Kees, I have 3 photos of San Veronico, Ganesella and Hinnites, but your contact page does not seem to have a place where I enter my e-mail address? Regards David Fuller (dmfuller@btinternet.com)


Period Tanker Job Details Action
1959 to 1960 HADRA (1) apprentice engineer
1960 SAN VERONICO apprentice engineer supernumerary apprentice engineer (curacao - ince)
1961 to 1962 SAN CALISTO (2) 5th engineer
1961 VERMETUS 5th engineer
1962 PALUDINA (2) 5th engineer
1963 to 1964 HINNITES 3rd engineer
1964 ANADARA (2) 2nd engineer