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10/22/2006 - 12:36 Hi All. Just got to dust off my old discharge book. What memories. Would like to hear from old shipmates from following. I sailed on Vitrina 65-65 as deck boy. Amastra 66-66 as J.O.S. Partula 67-67 as S.O.S. Hemicardium 68-68 as S.O.S. and Hemimactra 68-V.N.C. as E.D.H. Do the boys off the Hemimactra remember that bar in Honolulu with thoes girls?. How embarrassing,there were no girls at all! I fell for it to. What a riot. Cheers Fred Ambrosius



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aI joined her in Rotterdam March 65 to sail to Mina al Ahmadi in Kuwait in the Persian gulf via the Suez canal.

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