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09/10/2015 - 17:31 A great site listing all the ships. My short career with Shell ran from 1960 to 1964, as an deck apprentice and was a period of time that I look back on with great memories. I would love to hear from anyone who Joe Shell sent on MAR courses, particularly MAR6, which I was on in 1962. Alan Haynes, Mike Dennis,Steve Little Frank Todd etc.
01/04/2005 - 14:45 Great to find such a wonderful site. It's marvellous to so many photographs of all those ships. I sailed on six of them, from 1960 to '64, as a deck apprentice. The first five, Asprella, Zaphon, San Fabian, Serenia and San Calisto were black oil and the last one, Haminea carried white oil. The Haminea was a great ship, we sailed all over the place, with small cargoes of aviation spirit, or naptha etc. The old man was a fellow Geordie, Jack Morrison and the mate Bill Saint. the other apprentices were Bob Clothier and Chris Self. Bob. and I had been on a MAR course at Plymouth for six months in '62 and if there is anybody else out there who was on that course, no. 6, please get in touch. Always look back on this period of my life with great affection.It was a wonderful start to life, as a 17 year old!! I still bore the pants off my family, at times, with my stories of my life at sea, and it now seems to be in another life, as I now have two grand daughters and am semi retired and living in North Yorkshire