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02/20/2006 - 23:53 I found this very good site after a friend sent me an e-mail informing me about it. I sailed on a number of tankers, starting with the "Vlieland" in 1969, then going on to the "Ameland"; "Abida"; "Daphne"; "Metula"; "Capulonix" and finally finishing my sailor's career on the "Philine". I also sailed on a number of cargo ships before joining Shell. After I left Shell Tankers in early 1974 I moved to London where I manage a swimming pool - you just cannot get me away from the water! I also still travel a lot for pleasure all over the world. And guess what - I still love sailing, even if it is just on the Dover - Calais run these days. If there is anyone still around from those heady seafaring days who shared a crate of beer with me please send me an e-mail at - in particular I would like to hear from Joop Spijker, who I sailed with on the "Vlieland" and Jan de Haan, who I sailed with on the "Abida"; "Daphne" and "Metula". Anyone know their whereabouts? Finally I still have contact with one very good friend from that time - Arno Gielkens, who sailed on the "Daphne" and Metula. He is contactable by e-mail on and has asked to get a mention.