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08/01/2007 - 15:46 Sailed as engineer from 1958 till 1964 on following Shell tankers: Khasiella, Acmea, Videna, Viana, Kara, Philippia, Vivipara, Kermia. Would be pleased to know persons, who sailed at that time on a. m. ships.


Period Tanker Job Details Action
1958 to 1959 KHASIELLA leerlingwerktuigkundige
1959 to 1960 ACMAEA 5th engineer
1961 VIDENA 5th engineer
1961 to 1962 VIANA 5th engineer
1962 to 1963 KARA 4th engineer
1962 to 1963 PHILIPPIA 4th engineer
1964 VIVIPARA 4th engineer
1964 KERMIA 4th engineer