Jon Welford

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Tanker Anecdote Post date Action
Amoria (1)

Third ship as Deck Cadet, When there was a generator failure the old Doxford Diesel just kept going!

03/23/2009 - 19:21
Arianta (1)

Joined in Malta, as Deck cadet, Later we damaged the bow entering the dock at Antwerp and later smashed the prop at Stanlow.

03/20/2009 - 20:20
Etrema (2)

I joined the Etrema in St John for the sea trials as third mate and raised the Red Ensign for the first time on the hand over to STUK.

03/20/2009 - 19:43

My first ship as Deck Cadet joined in Rotterdam and straight to Barry Dry Dock to replace propshaft bearings.

03/20/2009 - 20:10
Hemifusus 03/20/2009 - 20:06