Les Albrow


Period Tanker Job Details Action
1964 ALUCO deck apprentice My 1st trip after leaving Plymouth navigation school. Was seasick for the first time en route to Stavangar, Norway.
1964 PLAGIOLA deck apprentice 2nd ship. Tar carrying ship. Between Curucao and US East Coast encountered many hurricanes. Towed to repair berth at Hoboken due to stripped turbine.
1964 HAMINEA (1) deck apprentice 3rd ship. Transferred from Plagiola to Haminea in Curacao with other apprentices and sailed to Thameshaven via Rotterdam to be paid off.
1965 AULICA deck apprentice 4th ship. Anchored off Santo Domingo 25th April 1965. The Dominican Civil War started the day before. Observed street fighting and shelling of the palace. Observed US Destroyers evacuating the city and 29th US Marines landing on beach.
1966 HYDATINA deck apprentice 5th ship. Joined in Curacao after flying from London to New York to Curacao and then a pilot boat to the ship. 04/11/1966 arrived in Teesport but 2 days prior, ran aground in the Tees and finally paid off on the 6th.
1966 to 1967 ASPRELLA (1) extra 3rd mate 6th ship. Joined 04/12/1966 in Stanlow as Extra 3rd Mate. Whilst in Rotterdam, a barge caught fire on the next berth and we were all on emergency standby. Paid off 03/08/1967 in Stanlow - the 3rd Officer broke his arm on the towing spring at this point.
1968 VARICELLA 3rd officer 7th ship. Travelled around the world on this trip including Australia, South America, North America, Africa and Asia. Joined 02/01/1968 in Mina Al Ahmadi, Kuwait. Paid off 18/07/1968 in Singapore.
1970 MYTILUS (2) 2nd mate
1971 MACTRA (2) 2nd mate Joined Y'hama during repairs