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08/13/2006 - 23:24 Dear Mr. Helder, dear (former) STBV colleagues who may read this I thoroughly enjoyed this website when I discovered it quite by accident a few weeks ago. I was in te service of Shell Tankers BV, Rotterdam, from 1968 until 1982, as navigating officer, going through the ranks from deck apprentice to Chief Officer. Part of that time, however (1977-1981), I was seconded by STBV to the head office of Shell International Marine Ltd. at Shell Centre in London. Having left Shell and the shipping world altogether in 1982, starting on a completely different career, my visit to this site brought back many happy memories. I also think that the work that you, Mr. Helder, are putting into updating and expanding this site, is awesome. My compliments and my gratitude. Kind regards, Marius Wanders