Period Tanker Job Details Action
1982 ONDINA (2) stagiaire 1e reis als leerling stuurman
1983 FULGUR (2) stagiaire 2e reis als leerling stuurman
1985 FOSSARINA (3) stagiaire sgo Stage voor HTS-plus als leerling WTK
1988 SPONSALIS sgo (semi geïntegreerd officier) 1st trip as officer, sailed 4 years with Spliethoff's Bevrachtingskantoor in between on Bickersgracht, Singelgracht, Rozengracht, Reguliersgracht and Stadiongracht. Only 3 weeks onboard relieving during 2nd Gulf War
1988 STELLATA sgo (semi geïntegreerd officier) Joined 3 days after signing off from Sponsalis
1989 SOLARIS (1) sgo (semi geïntegreerd officier)
1989 STELLATA Maritime Officer
1990 ZARIA (2) maritime officer 3
1990 to 1991 ZARIA (2) Maritime Officer 2
1992 SERICATA Maritime Officer 2
1993 SPECTRUM Maritime Officer 2
1993 SPECTRUM chief mate Promoted onboard from MO2 to C/O after 6 weeks
1993 to 1994 SPONSALIS chief mate
1994 SERICATA chief mate Last trip with STBV before starting as cargo expeditor for Shell Nederland in Rotterdam from 9/94-6/97.