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12/07/2008 - 01:08 Hello Fred, what you up to these days. I am off to Rio de Janeiro in Jan to join a pipelaying boat. Forty years and still at sea,lucky sod I am.Still keep in touch with Tony Walmsley,remember him from the Mysella.Also a few blokes going back as far as 1969. I just missed you on the Pallium with that lunatic Steve Gunn. Hope you are in good health Fred, all the best ray laws
11/06/2008 - 23:40 Led Zeppelin was my band of 69.Well Cream had turned sour. Alan Stimpson was Ch Cook followed by Bernie Harwin from Hull. Bobby Roach from Cornwall was 2nd Cook and life and sole of the party. We had a few. Gerald Rockingham Walsh (Lucky) was crew messman for a while. I paid off in Gothenbourg and slept on the airport deck. I salied with Alan Edwards a few years later on the Drupa. Seem to remember a lot of Johnny Cash got played. San Quentin & Folsom Prison. It wasn't all music & beer, some of us got a suntan as well.
10/31/2008 - 01:00 I sailed on the Megara in 1969, after five days in Rotterdam, waiting on weather.I remember Brian Perry, Alan Edwards. I think Jock Nichol was the CPO.I was galley boy on the mighty Meg. Have a few choice photos from cabin parties. What a trip


Period Tanker Job Details Action
1969 DONAX (3) catering boy
1969 to 1970 MEGARA (2) catering boy/galley boy
1970 DORCASIA (2) catering boy Mike Brown, ch cook
1971 HAMINEA (1) 2nd cook and baker
1971 to 1972 MARISA (3) 2nd cook and baker
1971 HADRA (1) 2nd cook First trip
1972 to 1973 MYSELLA 2nd cook Catering officer was Bill Cowan then Tony Walmsley
1973 DRUPA (2) 2nd cook and baker
1974 LATIRUS (2) 2nd cook maiden voyage
1974 MITRA (3) 2nd cook and baker
1974 to 1975 NATICINA (2) 2nd cook and baker
1975 FUSUS (2) 2nd cook maiden voyage joined Haugusund may 75
1976 DARINA (2) 2nd cook
1976 to 1977 HEMIMACTRA chief cook 1st trip
1976 to 1977 SAN FORTUNATO chief cook 1st trip
1977 to 1978 LABIOSA (2) chef kok
1978 FELIPES (3) chef kok
1979 LINGA (2) chef kok
1979 DARINA (2) chef kok
1979 LYRIA (2) chef kok
1980 POMELLA (2) chief steward 1st trip
1981 to 1982 PALLIUM chief steward chief steward when she was scrapped in karachi 1982
1981 LYRIA (2) chief steward
1982 TRICULA (2) chief steward
1983 PALUDINA (3) chief steward
1984 EBALINA cook steward
1984 to 1990 EUPLECTA cook steward
1985 to 1986 EULIMA (2) cook steward
1987 LANISTES cook steward
1988 to 1989 EVA cook steward
1988 EULOTA (2) cook steward
1990 to 1991 ZAPHON (2) cook steward
1990 ISOMERIA (2) cook steward
1992 to 1996 ISOCARDIA (2) cook steward
1992 to 1993 METHANE PRINCESS (1) cook steward Reactivated Brest sept 92
1993 to 2000 NORTHIA (2) cook steward
1993 to 1994 ERVILIA cook steward
1994 LNG BONNY cook steward
1995 MAGDALA (3) chief steward chief steward (training filipinos)
1995 LEONIA cook steward
1995 MEGARA (3) catering instructor
1995 MUREX (4) steward cook steward, maiden voyage, okpo-gulf- p. bukom
1996 HAUSTRUM (2) catering instructor
1996 LIMA (2) catering instructor
1996 to 2001 NORRISIA (2) cook steward
1996 SILIQUA catering instructor
1996 ERVILIA catering instructor


Tanker Anecdote Post date Action

chief steward on the Pallium when we ran her up Gadani Beach in April 1982. A bit of a sad ending really. Biggest regret I didn't have a camera with me.

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