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10/04/2008 - 14:02 Have only recently found your web site and enjoyed reading various letters in "Guestbook". I spent 6 years with Shell Tankers from 1955 to1961 & finally left the sea in 1965 after a spell with Silverline & Gulf Oil. My first Shell Tanker was "Volsella" under Capt.Thompson, the ship being a very happy one. I remember playing table tennis with the 2nd mate (Eric Phillips poss) and spent a long time on his watch. I later sailed with Capt.Brittain which was not so good!!!!. Does anyone remember?


Period Tanker Job Details Action
1955 to 1956 VOLSELLA (2) deck apprentice
1956 to 1957 DILOMA (1) deck apprentice
1957 to 1958 CAPSA (3) acting 4th officer
1958 CAPRELLA (3) acting 4th mate
1958 to 1959 HELCION (2) acting 3rd engineer
1959 BELA 3rd mate
1959 to 1960 HEMIFUSUS 3rd mate
1961 VELUTINA 3rd mate