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09/02/2013 - 11:33 Ahoy ! Is there anyone out there who sailed on the SS Aulica in 82 on the south America run?


Period Tanker Job Details
1980 to 1981 Linga (2) deckhand
1981 to 1982 Aulica deckhand
1982 to 1983 Paludina (3) deckhand
1983 to 1984 Tribulus (2) deckhand


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Aulica 09/02/2013 - 18:19

Best trip of my career. Very happy 'party-minded' crew. Best bunch of pirates I ever sailed with. West Indies and South pacific run, we mustered for the Falklands flotilla in Curacao. Deemed to be too old we ran lubes and fuel to the north and west coast of south America until the conflict ended. Probably the most unpopular ship in any south American port we had our ropes cut at night and supported the troops by bar brawling with pro-Aregentine natives everywhere else besides Wilemstad and Valpariso. Fantasic crew, great morale, brilliant memories.

Linga (2) 09/02/2013 - 17:45

She was my first trip. Straight out of the Peanut Factory at Gravesend in 1980 I was 'shang-hai-ed' by the pool being told I would join her in Savannah. Instead it was four days late in arriving at L'Harvre in the Channel. In the snow. Boarded via a four hour pilotage in a heavy swell, hung over and surrounded by vomit. Signed the articles and immediately was called out on strike. Me first week at sea was as a un-paid show of non-existant solidarity. Once the politics had blown over we discharged and sailed light ship for the Gulf via Suez (the largest to transverse in its day). The next six months consisted of playing hide and seek the wrong side of the Coins while the 'Tanker War' emerged over the next six months. Great Crew given the circumstances. Paid off in Oman.

Paludina (3) 09/02/2013 - 18:02

Joined on my 19th birthday at Gibraltar. Great crew. Carried bitumen between the West Indies and Kuwait on a contract to build the Trans-Arabian highway. Carrying liquid bitumen in the Gulf with broken air-con is a nightmare. Took four weeks to discharge each cargo and nowhere to go ashore. I think we had a McDonald's on Xmas Eve before the militia made us wait in the sun for two hours to get back to the ship. Run aground and went on fire in Syros. Paid off in January.

Tribulus (2) 09/02/2013 - 12:24

Went global lugging coal on this new, yet ill fated crock in 1983. Joined in Aabenrae via a Dan-Dare flight from London to Copenhagen. From Denmark we headed for Virginia. Got smashed about for nine days crossing the North Atlantic in force 10-12's and just about limped into Hamden Roads with empty bunkers and a fo'csle awash with burst paint and thinners. The voyage from Virginia to Hong Kong via the Cape at 9 knots took months and most of us had cabin fever, having only had sight of one Albatross, a light house around St Helena and the glow of Singapore. with my shipmate Dave Parsons we hit first bag-shanty in Kowloon and went adrift for 3 days. Flogged, logged, keelhauled and banned from overtime, we endured the snails pace run back via Singapore, Richards Bay, back around the Cape and a pay off in Rotterdam.

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