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07/05/2007 - 01:44 I've just been entering my times aboard various Shell Tankers. I realise I have made one wrong-ship entry on the 'Hyala' in 1961. Please remove that entry if possible Many thanks Tony Roberts PS I'm using wife's laptop, so may have her email address on it. TR


Period Tanker Job Details Action
1955 to 1956 LIMATULA (1) apprentice engineer
1956 to 1957 VELLETIA apprentice engineer
1958 to 1959 BURSA (1) 5th engineer
1960 to 1961 AMORIA (1) 5th engineer
1960 HEMIPLECTA 5th engineer
1961 HYGROMIA 5th engineer
1961 to 1962 SAN ERNESTO (2) 4th engineer